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Tire Flipping

Just got myself a flipping tire to flip.
Now what? I made a quick search in the archives but came up empty.

I know there is info there on tire and GPP in terms of work: rest ratio.

I need help locating it and or advice on what to do.


I really don’t try to make a science out of it. Just pick a distance and time your flips over that distance. Rest until you feel you are ready to go again. When your time exceeds your first time by 10% you are done.

Exactly. Don’t get too technical with your GPP. Go out do some work and have some fun doing something different. It really is as simple as that.

Also, progress forward from one technique to the other.

  1. tire stops on knee, on chest, then pressed over
  2. smooth lift, transition of hands, and press. no stopping.

I have been doing tire flipping as part of circuit of exs for gpp. (I just got finished actually.) I hit the tire with a sledgehammer for predetermined number of swings, then flip the tire x number of times, then either clean and press or bear hug walk a partially filled keg. I kicks my tail.

I have a couple GPP workouts listed under the T-Jack clubbell thread which involve a tire flip circuit.