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Tire Flipping

As I started looking for an industrial tire to buy, I started to wonder what would the weight be equivilant to in a deadlift?

For example if an industrial tire weighed 600 lbs. How much would you need to deadlift in order to flip it?

BUY??? Are you nuts??? They give them away. I had 3 of them delivered for FREE. It costs tire dealers money to dispose of old tires.

From what I found, DL does not correlate very well with tire flipping. Matter of fact, most gym lifts don’t either. You don’t really DL a tire. You drive it forward into the ground, which causes your end to come up. There is a lot of technique in flipping. Actually, all strongman stuff.

This summer I had 4 women enter a strongman comp. The one with best DL had trouble with the flip. One with an average DL won the event. Her DL is about 200lb and she did a 383 lb tire for 75’ in about 1:20. Does that help?


Your right.
Typo on my behalf. I would not be buying the tire.