Tire Flipping Machine

Tire Flipping Machine

TireFlip is a fantastic tool for metabolic conditioning. The starting weight is 100 pounds, and it’s plate-loadable up to 180. Rubber stoppers keep things relatively quiet, and the dual battle-rope anchor points make it versatile.

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A gym I go to has one of these. While it’s not going to get you ready to flip tires at a strongman-style competition (technique would be different), I really dig it. My current conditioning day workout with it:

Warm-Up: 10 Flips. Flip, walk to other side, flip it back, repeat. Be causal about it.
Set 1: 25 Flips. Get nasty. Move fast but controlled.
Set 2-5: 10 Flips With Jumps: Flip, jump over it, flip back, repeat. Also nasty.*
Set 6: 25 Flips: Standard flips again, walking from side to side.

The flipping machine I use can be loaded up with about 80 additional pounds, but I seldom add load for metcon.

Another fun one if you’re an older fart: flip your age. So I did 52 straight flips back in December for giggles.

Got a training partner? Post up on each end. Just flip each other off and see who quits first.

  • Flips With Jumps: Careful with fatigue. One missed jump and you’ll face-plant. Think you can do 15? Then do 10-12 and just be more explosive about it.
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+1 rep every year seems like a very achievable goal to aim for. I’m in!

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But really, how much fun is that if there is no grass burrs, spiders, fire ants or the possibility of finding a rattler in your tire? :rofl:
Where’s the excitement?


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You have a point there. As a former Texan, I kinda miss the “explosive plyometric T boost” you get when almost stepping on a rattler. Although maybe that’s a cortisol boost since it takes about 3 hours to come down from those fun encounters. :snake:

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Exactly! Nothing like it.
I have this fear that there is always one laying up under the bead on the inside. I haven’t actually found one, but I just know it’s gonna happen someday. :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

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You could fill the tire with low density cement - slightly extra weight and no snakes.
I used to participate in the “cement canoe” contest in college - be surprised how light you can actually make that stuff.

Edit: May crack after repeated use. I hold no responsibility for artificial stones crushing toes/fingers.

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Okay, but what if I don’t like my neighbor’s little dog…

Seriously, though, this looks pretty dang cool.

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Not sure how much weight it would add. I googled low density cement and it said 115lbs/cubic ft.
The tire itself weighs around 300lbs? It’s used so we will have to take off some for wear.
Pretty sure I couldn’t even move it then.

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This is just nowhere near as fun when you know how much it weighs… half the excitement is taking a gamble on tearing a bicep because you don’t know the tire weight.

2/10 would not recommend


I was at a restaurant/bar in Dallas once where they were having a strongman demonstration out in the parking lot. They held a contest where anyone who could flip their tire would get a bucket o’ longnecks.

I considered it. I knew how to flip a tire. But I didn’t know the weight. And I wondered if the bar decided they didn’t want to give away that many beers so they asked the strongmen to make sure they didn’t have to. So I chickened out.

Anyway, I watched two guys absolutely wreck their backs. One finally got it, one didn’t. Twenty years later, I still wonder if I coulda flipped that thing.


You’ll always regret the things you didn’t do, now you get to live with the question: would you still be rocking a slipped disc or deformed bicep from 20 years ago?

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We have that same machine at one of the gyms i train at, I’ll give it a go sometime. I took a look at it before but didn’t try it yet. It looks a bit weird tbh as far as pieces of equipment go. Cool that you can weight it up I didn’t realize that was a capability but makes a lot more sense!