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Tire Flipping: A Tip


I went back to my parents at the weekend - they live in quite a rural part of England, and as we often do we went for a walk on Saturday in the country. We were a bit late setting out, so decided to grab some lunch beforehand - washed down with a pint or several.... mmmm.

Anyway, a couple of miles into the walk and I spotted a fecking quality looking tractor tire perched by the roadside, and decided there was no time like the present for an impromptu GPP session. The first lift was a bit tricky, but once I got the momentum going I found I could flip it a good dozen times in quick succession before my lunch started growling at me.

But here's my tip: when performing this excellent conditioner, I recommend you make ABSOLUTELY sure that the farmer and his 2 sons are not coming towards you on a tractor. It was not so much the pain of having to put the tire back after I was already feeling a bit queezy, but more the humiliation of getting a bollocking in front of my parents and girlfriend. Not since I was at primary school have I felt so small. Hero to zero in 0.6 secs....


In rural parts of the US we have a similar sporting event sometimes known as "cow tipping," which, as I recall from my teenage days, carries similar hazards. My best tip for you is to do what we did. Namely, make it a nocturnal event.

Nevertheless, I'm sure the post-workout sprint served as a nice "finisher" for you!