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I have a couple bottles of TIRATRICOL (1,000 mcg) left . .has anyone used this product that could help. What dosage protocol ? . .Side effects . .warnings . .
I am 36, 6 foot, 205 lbs and about 15% or so in bodyfat . .ab outline but definitely not abs . .and that damn “pinch” on each oblique.
All comments and experiences/ advice are appreciated.

I would not use it because, compared to
Cytomel (T3) for any given level of metabolic increase, it suppresses TSH much more, and therefore inhibits your natural thyroid production more. Much more. It is, for fat loss
purposes, the worst thyroid hormone there is.

On the other hand, for the medical use of treating people with hyperthyroidism, it is ideal… a dose that gives only reasonable
effect on body metabolism suppresses the excessive natural thyroid production very well. That is the proper use of this drug.

bill is right. i too have several bottles left, and will forever. when on i got my bf% down below 6 but when i came off after five weeks i felt as if i had been shot with a tranquilizer gun. felt shitty for a week but then bounced back. hope t2 is better. now bill, just thinking in type here, what would you think about two days on and five days off? the tiractricol will just go to waste otherwise.

When on it, my TSH measured 0.01(I can’t remember the units), my doctor took a shit and referred to an endocrinologist before I told him what I was taking. He never heard of tiratricol. It did burn fat like crazy and I took one with my each dose of my fat burner(3x/day)

I used triax successfully to lose 40 lbs. 1000 mcg 3 x day. I took it for 4 weeks, took 2 weeks off and then took it for 4 weeks again. Two weeks after I stopped I had my thyroid checked and all tests were normal (can’t remember the numbers.)

Poke, I wouldn’t worry about the tiratricol going to waste. That’s sort of like being at some all you can eat place that has nothing but greasy, carb-rich low-protein food, and feeling ya gotta go back for plate after plate so as not to waste your money… but every plate you get is making you WORSE OFF not better! That’s not getting your money’s worth.

Or getting internal bleeding from aspirin, but trying to figure out how to take half and half aspirin and Tylenol so as not to waste the aspirins you have. No, just toss them!

I can’t say for sure that your microcycling idea couldn’t work but I’d be dubious of it… given tiratricol’s powerful TSH suppressing properties, I have to wonder if your losses in thyroid on off days wouldn’t outweigh the metabolism benefits you got on the “on” days. Might you just slowly over a period of weeks go into constant severe suppression? I don’t know but it certainly seems possible.