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 In light of some idiotic comments which made some infuriating remarks with a tone of anti-american, pro-jihad sentiment, I decided to post this.

 Should another smart-ass come in here and make threatening remarks such as 'friends who own shops talking about jihad', please do the following:

 Go to the following web adress. Type in your tip, and you're done. If it has any merit it'll be pursued. If not, it'll serve as a deterrent to those who think its entertaining to go around making remarks about terrorist attacks and jihad in the light of the 3000+ people who died on 9/11.


 No, Adal - Im not kidding. And yes, they can track you down. 

How would you describe a tip from an internet message board? Seems kind of ambiguous at best, but I’m all for making peoples lives hell. :slight_smile:

Also, I wonder what they do with all of the tips. Do you think they trash the “unworthy” ones, or do you think there’s a database sitting out there with all of the tips that get submitted? It could be fun to flood that kind of database with someone’s name. Not really the kind of list you want your name on.

I have a friend who works as a Police Officer,and he has recently been involved with investigations relating to computer crime(child porn).
They were able to catch people all over the world who were subscribing to this sick stuff.
My point being that these people who give their anti USA tirade are not quite as anonymous as they would like to think.
In fact it would not suprise me that those living inside the US,may start experiencing some difficulty renewing their visas pretty soon.

Good for you Diesel! I had to laugh at the thought of Adal shitting his pants when he read this thread…haha!

  Its sweet like candy baby!

  'The infidels are trapped in Baghdad and will die in the pit of fire we have prepared for them' - Priceless quotes
Jared here's what you do: you send them the original message posted by Adal, or (type name here), date and time posted, location of post (web adress), and a contact from the website (TC from T-mag). Should they find it compelling enough to pursue investigating the claims of people conspiring against the citizens, economy, and land of the United States Of America, they'll be able to track down the User's IP adress, probably with the help of the website's maintainer and the date and time of the website you gave him. He will then contact the individual, and try to arrange an interview with him and get information on who his friends are, if they are in fact conspiring jihad, where do they live and so forth. They would then proceed to interview Adal's friends. they would be exhaustively interviewed and asked the most minute questions. 

   And the best part???? Well, you get a fuckin idiot like Adal shitting his pants off!!!!
   And if you dont think they dont take hints seriously - they do. If they are verifiable they will be pursued.
   So dont EVER joke around and type in something stupid. You'll live to regret what could be a very embarrassing moment of your life.

Do you realize that by wasting FBI resources otherwise used for investigating real terror threats you would be making the US more vulnerable to terrorist threats? I’m sure the FBI just loves when pouty ass people give them “tips” to get revenge over personal issues. By deliberately diverting FBI resources you would not only be commiting a federal offense, but you would also be morally responsible for “assisting” existing terrorists in avoiding detection.

That’s all.

 McKee - Im not sending them a whiny ass complaint about somebody who disagrees with me.

 No. Im doing something else.

 I'm sending them information about a person who admitedly has friends contemplating Jihad. He also goes as far as naming himself and his friends 'enemies of the United States'. That does nothing but further validate the possibility these people could be a threat. If someone's an enemy of our country, have lived here, and contemplate and talk about jihad, what conclusion do you draw?

  By the way I thought I made it very clear you should under no circumstances joke around when tipping the FBI? I assure you I did notjoke with them when i sent them a tip about Adal. 

 It's a nice side benefit to have Adal shit his pants though. A real nice one.

The FBI will just love to hear about how some guy in austria, off an internet message board, knows some guys with anti-american feeling who said the magic word “Jihad”.

Now that I think about it, I have a tip for the FBI. I know of about 600 million people in the middle east who hate the USA and will from time to time mention the word “jihad”. Incidently, “jihad” is a very loosely defined word in the modern context which can be taken to mean a lot of things. Its definition is like that of war but looser still. Just as the word “war” can be applied to areas of diplomacy, economics, or even public health (war on drugs/poverty…), the term jihad can be applied to a broad assortment of things itself. For instance, boycotting McDonalds could be classified as a form of jihad if it were properly motivated.

By the way, how “scared” do you think a foreigner would really be of the domestic US law enforcement? While the FBI does in fact have cooperative agreements with most of the world, the austrian state police aren’t exactly going to go out and pick up some random guy because he just doesn’t like the US. The guy could make direct public threats and yet his priority would be sufficiently low that he wouldn’t even be investigated.

I’m hungry.

Goddamn it Mckee. 

The state department can conduct its own foreign policy anyway.