Tips to Target the Vastus Lateralis?

Question for you competitive bodybuilders, please. How to develops the Vastus Lateralis?

It would be helpful to see a pic.
Are the left and right vastus lateralis equally developed?
Is the vastus lateralis insertion seem too high to you (need pic)?
Is the vastus medialis seem to overshadow the vastus lateralis?

How would pictures of MY legs possibly help answer my question?

tom platz

toes out 45 degrees, heels together, knees together,
warm up carefully, descend slowly


It will let us know if the vastus lateralis muscle belly is long enough. I have seen men with vastus lateralis muscle bellies that only went about half way down their femur. There is no exercise that will lengthen muscle bellies.

Just tell the guy what you know about developing them. Are you knowledgeable about it?

IMO, I wouldn’t waste any effort to isolate the vastus lateralis for development. Do squats, front squats (if you’re good at them), hack squats (if it doesn’t overstress your patella tendon), and leg presses, and add leg extensions after the compound exercises. Stimulate your entire frontal thigh to grow. Adding muscle to the thigh will help remedy lack of symmetry.

Are squatting in excess of 400 lbs? Work up to 20 reps. Your thighs will get bigger, everywhere.

Like I said in a previous post, if you have short bellied vastus lateralis, they will always be too short for your liking.

A word of warning: Don’t neglect the back of your thighs.

Of course, all that said, it would be nice to see what my suggestion is being applied to (or not). A picture says a thousand words.

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