Tips to Make Your Dog Quit Smashing Your Nuts?

I don’t mind my dog jumping on the couch and cuddling with me. It’s the fact that every time he does he goes directly for my nuts. I actually had a friend watching my dog one day and he said that pup dawg mashed his potatoes like five times. How do I make this little mf’er understand that the no-no square is off limits?

have you tried hitting it?


Lol yeah I give him a swift kick in the ass whenever he does bad, but he’s kind of an idiot and I don’t think he’s understanding it’s the nut stomp that he’s gettin smacked for

Maybe stop having sex with it?


That’s so crazy it just might work


Did you cut his off? Maybe it’s retribution.

Hey, he already had em cut off when I adopted him. The little asshole’s just salty I guess

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My black lab used to do that. He always had a toy in his mouth too…usually a shoe or an entire roll of toilet paper. Honestly, just get some brass balls and deal with it.

I’m thinking make it a habit to tuck when you sit.

I have an 80lb pitbull and she’s about 3 now. No matter what I do to tell her not to do it, it doesn’t sink in. Everytime I sit on the couch, her she comes. I just deal with it by making a cup out of my hands when she first jumps on.

Most dogs will respond well to swift, stern, chastising. They want to be on your good side (after all, you feed them, comfort them etc)… a stern “no”, “bad dog” and gently pushing him off your lap will probably get the desired effect.

Then again, some dogs are really stupid (or stubborn) ala my current inbred fucktarded shit-zoo (spelling intentional, he’s a little shit that smells like a petting zoo)… no amount of training or beating (short of fatal) is going to correct his behavior. Luckily he’s cute and good with the kids…

Most dogs will respond well to training them with rewards. Reinforcing good behavior with treats. I’ve trained my dogs, cats, and even co-workers this way. Shit works like a charm…

You just have to be smart/creative about it and think of it from the their perspective, above all, it takes patience. Google is a good resource too.

Dont let him on the couch at all. You should be controlling the dog not the dog controlling you. The jumping on the furniture is a no no. Sounds like you are not the alpha male setting the rules. Dogs naturally look for a leader or a dominant pack member…start setting some firm boundaries and areas that are just off limits.