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Tips to Increase HDL Cholesterol While on TRT?

Anyone have any successful tips that increased your HDL while on TRT? My results are as follows:
HDL: 30 (desired range >40)
LDL: 113 (desired range <100)
Total: 166 (desired range <200)
Triglycerides: 115 (desired range <150)

I lift 30mins-1hr 5 days a week, cardio for 10-30mins 3 days a week. Diet is pretty solid, not a lot of saturated/trans fats, lots of poly and mono. I take 2g fish oil a day (have been for the last 6 or so months). Stats are as follows: 6’2", 217lbs, ~10%bf or so, abs show. Prescribed 220mg/wk test cyp.

Reduce saturated fat intake.
Cut all trans fats.

Take red yeast rice.
Take fish oil.



Dont block Estrogen


I actually read your post, so maybe I can say something useful. Take MORE fish oil, or try flax oil. You can put it in something else you are eating (Like oatmeal or a smoothie if you eat either of those). Ground flax is also good and easier to hide in food. Creatine will elevate your HDL’s. I don’t know the mechanism, or if it’s in fact not really higher but creatine tricks the test, but it raises HDL numbers on the blood test.The other suggestions i saw will not have any impact on the the HDL’s and the LDL’s are already fine.

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Slo-Niacin. Get it on Amazon. Take 500mg morning and at night. It raised my HDL from 39 to 48. Only side will be some flushness first off taking it. So start by taking half a pill morning and night for a few days then move up to whole pill.

Thanks, all. Will make some adjustments and see how the lipid panel looks next month.

Take 5 or 6 grams of fish oil daily. 2g is not enough.