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Tips To Improve Deadlift Fast


I'm trying to increase my deadlift real quick. I've got a competition in a month and need to do 450 lbs with tires. I did 315 for reps of 17 with regular weights the other day but have actually never done a 450 lb deadlift. Anyway I'm looking for some tips I may not have thought of. Also I don't want to blow out my back either. Are there any non-strength exercises like stretching or aerobics that might help?


Start with 3-5 reps with 315 as fast as possible on the concentric, but dropping the weight from the top position between reps. Add 20 pounds and do another 3 fast reps. Keep adding 20 only until your 3rd rep gets grindingly slow, then stop for the day. You may want to start 10 pounds higher the next time anywhere from 4-7 days later.


You're at the point where you can do a lot more to hurt your chances than you can to help them. I'd do some technique work and not exceed 80% of 1RM for the next month, then give yourself some complete down-time before the meet. Fatigue masks fitness; you won't be able to display what you can really do if you've still got accumulated fatigue kicking around. Trust me on this one.



Cressey, how long before a meet would you give yourself some downtime?


Have you considered Pin-Pulls from the height of the tires? I strongly doubt that they are 45cm in diameter, and a few pulls from the right height might help you find the groove better.

Xen: I'm not Eric, but I like 7-10 days completely off before a meet.


What does Loui Simmons have to say about rest days before a meet..anyone?



The time to ask this question was about four months ago. With just four weeks till comp, u only have two maybe three(MAX) deadlift workouts, although your squat workouts count twords deadlift strength.

You say its on tires? Well, hopefully that is easier for you than pulling from the floor.


Yeah that is not a hope of transfering 315 x any number of reps to 450 in a month, if 315 is the most you have ever DLed...

Try for a max today, and if you get 400-420, and if the tires are easier than a bar.. there may be a glimmer of hope...


Four things

1) u r fucked
2) Why are you doing 17 rep deadlifts?
3) Like the others said, you don't have time to up your deadlift.
4) Why would stretching or aerobics help you deadlift? You really need to do some serious lifting and reading.


I guess it would depend on how you classify "downtime." We taper off volume and intensity over the last month considerably, the last week being complete rest from lifting (I just do some cardio and dynamic flexibility to help me make weight, stay limber, and keep my sanity). I won't take a heavy pull for a good four weeks. My last reasonably heavy pull before my March 26 meet is actually tonight (3/1), if that tells you anything.



You should have been practicing pin pulls from the tire height all along. You should be entering your peaking phase right now. I have a show on the same day and start my peaking cycle this coming sat. I'll back off deads anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks before the show, depending on my lower back and how much recovery I feel it needs, with 1-2 speed workouts for techniqe and explosion in between. If you're going into the Conn. show, keep in mind that the yoke and log press will both place a significant load on your lower back also, which means you'll need more recovery time. I would do an 18" pin max in the next week or two to see where you are related to the 450 and then start backing off. Base strength and core strength can't jump the #'s you would like them to in 4 weeks. Your best bet right now is recovery and a good peaking cycle for your events.


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I'm suffering some paralysis by analysis in looking at all the competing theories on how to best peak for a powerlifting competition. Do you have a favorite method that you could point me to?



The competition he was entering had a 315 deadlift for reps.


Along with a 450 lb tire deadlift? Weird.


Would the less advanced athlete really need as long though? He shouldn't be able to cause as much fatigue per workout as you do I would think.


Thanks Kroc,

Yea this is the conn. meet. I was going to do novice class but decided to challenge myself a bit too hard probably and went for open.
Actually I jacked the weights up a bit off the ground and didn't find it any easier for the deadlift...so we'll see. I might just have to stick with 1 rep...


To improve you rep max, do reps of 5 or lower


he never said he has 315 lb deadlifts in his competition.


I'd try reverse band pulls with the bands set up at about shoulder level. You can do these from a deficit if you want. They helped me.