Tips to Help PCT Recovery?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question regarding PCT. I had made a thread a while back asking if clenbuterol would be good to use during PCT with the standard 40/40/20/20 nolvadex or clomid to help cut down the cortisol spike post-cycle.

I’ve heard other things such as MK-677 is another good substance to help stop the cortisol. However, I have not done much research on this and plan to do more. Are there any other substances that may possibly help? My best bet is just going to be eating in maintenance calories with high protein, and make myself go to the gym. (I’m not finishing a cycle or on cycle, just planning ahead).

Thanks in advance.

MK-677 is mentioned a lot as a good addendum to pct, since it evidently helps with a number of different things. But the literature shows that it takes a longer cycle to realize the benefits of it. I believe most of the data from the one majorly study indicated it was used for at least four months, so benefits may not be as obvious during a one month pct.

Along those same lines you could argue that a good peptide regiment would be beneficial, but that’s also dependent on time and dose. I think it’s hard to accept that pct is miserable and it’s the price that you pay for all the upside of a cycle. No free lunch with Mother Nature. Eventually you’ve got to pay the check.

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