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Tips to Get Rid of Mag-10 Foam


Hi all,

I’ve been a Mag-10 user for a while, it seems that more recently it’s more difficult to clear the foam out after mixing in the flavoring. I mixed 2 scoops the other day in 300ml water, shook for 20 seconds, added 1 cap full of flavoring and swirled it around…nothing. i even filled the liquid to 500ml (not counting the foam, which was at the 1000ml mark) and left it over night. When I checked in the morning, there was no change and the mixture was still foamy. I tried swirling it around again and it still had no effect.

Just looking for some tips some of you might have that you’ve found useful. Thx.


This thread would be better over in the Biotest forum.

It’s actually been answered a few times there before, including tips in this thread. I haven’t heard of any change to the formula that would account for a recent difference in foaming.