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Tips to Avoid Water Retention?

Planning on running an 500mg a week test e cycle for 12 weeks in the future and have read about water retention.

Now this is purely to not have people around me becoming suspicious about my size when running the cycle. Would i be able to use Winstrol to counteract water retention in case it becomes an issue or would something else be better suited?

If you don’t want to gain noticeable size why are you going to run a cycle?

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Watch sodium intake, drink lots of water. Avoid excess amounts of simple carbs, if magnesium deficient (many are) then supplement with it. Vit B6 can also help, dandelion root is a swell dieuretic. Dandelion root is a nice, natural dieuretic

This is a joke, but alcohol inhibits secretion of vasopresson, thus causing dehydration…

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I do wish to gain noticeable size, just not too noticeable. Nor am I particularly interested in gaining water weight.

Thanks, I will keep this in mind. (Except for the alcohol :slight_smile: )

Well you’re going to gain some water weight. It’s unavoidable. You’ll gain a lot of it if your e2 gets too high, which is usually when guys start to get that bloated look. But if everything is controlled well then you shouldn’t end up turning into a moon-faced buffalo.

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DO NOT run winstrol for the sole purpose of keeping water weight off. Thats is a horrible idea.

Watch sodium. If its a real big issue go with a short ester you wont retain nearly as much water from what i understand


People will not assume you’re on steroids because you’re retaining so much water. That’s a silly thing to worry about. Water weight isn’t THAT noticeable.