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Tips/Supps for Better Sleep?


I have not been getting good sleep. I can go to sleep just fine, but I toss and turn all night! I never wake up feeling rested.

I started using 1200mg of Magnesium and Cherry Tart extract on top of that. Heard it really helps to relax and promotes good sleep. That is not even helping. If I take Tylenol PM or something, I feel hung over and groggy all day long.

any suggestions?

Back info...I do work out and work out hard everyday (sometimes 2 times a day, light cardio and stretching), but the weekends. I also, have a decent diet going . This has been years in the making, not just since I started my life style change (8 months ago)


How much do you weigh? How much does your waist and neck measure?


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While listing the supplements is cool, getting to the heart of why someone can't stay asleep is the bigger issue. The questions asked above were for the possibility of "sleep apnea".


I do have Sleep Apnea, but I was on the machines for 4 years and never felt rested and always was waking up fixing or adjusting the machine or just taking it off.


305, 40 inch waist and not sure on my neck, but it is large.


I diagnose this often. I had it myself at my heaviest body weight. I don't have any problem at all with that now.

I would work on fixing that 40" waist before anything else.

Your good night's sleep is likely a good diet and regular training schedule away.


...I am also betting you were just a tad lenient with that 40".


I understand where you are coming from, but my jeans are 40's and they are loose.


The size of a pant's waistband do not correspond to one's actual waist measurement...they always run a bit large.


Understood, so therefore you can judge about what my waist is.



Professor X brings up an excellent point.

I was about to start rattling off all these ingriendts in sleep pills that can be useful.

Again, everything can be fixed with a good diet and exercise.

Worry about losing a few lbs and getting your diet in order. Then and only after that you can look into supplementation for your sleep.


Your waist is measured at the level of the belly button.

I have seen some obese people measure UNDER their gut and claim a drastically smaller "waist" when their true measurement is likely 10" bigger.


Sorry to jack OP's question, but how would your answer change for a healthy 19 year old with a say....32 inch waist?


Sleep apnea is when your breathing is disrupted during sleep (usually from blockage of the airway). This forces your body to constantly wake up all night long in order to save your life. The most common cause of this is higher body mass leading to increased pressure around the throat especially when laying down.

Sleep apnea like this can be seen in football players, wrestlers, weight lifters, obese people, or anyone else with a very high body mass that can cause blockage of the airway.

We aren't talking about simply not sleeping much.

If you are noticing sleep apnea that has no relation at all to this, you need to go see a doctor.


Go dim 2 hours before bedtime

Go to bed by midnight, sleep in darkness and quiet, don't get up til after dawn.



High carb + high fat AT THE SAME MEAL makes Johnny a fat boy (low fat am, low carb pm).


Does anyone have trouble sleeping the night after a workout? I lift 4 days a week and sleep like shit those nights especially on Deadlift days. I take Melatonin and ZMA, but it doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions?

Oh and I lift at about 1:30 and I do take a caffeine supp before hand. I also weight about 215, but don't know waist 34-38 is my best guess.



This would happen to me in college. I would workout sometimes at 11pm. After I got home I could not sleep. That is when I started taking some melatonin to help me fall asleep. I now workout in the AM and I take a pre-workout.

I would take some chamomile with melatonin and it was lights out!


I'll give the Chamomile a try thanks.