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Tips/Program to Improve Squat?

Hi! I’m a 32 y-o guy and I want to get a bigger squat. I’m 1.81m and I weight 113kg (yes I really need to lose almost 25kg :sweat:) and 1RM is only 150kg… If someone can help me with a program to make some progress it would be cool :wink:

How long have you been lifting? Start with starting strength if just beginning. Or 531 is great if you’ve exhausted linear gains (probably where you are at based on 150kg squat) oh and if squat is your priority and you have good form you could always run smolov just be careful with it.

I’ve really start lifting 2 years ago but I had to stop last year ( I had to move for my job) that’s why I took a lot of weight ( I’m fatter than ever) .
I’ll have a look on the 531 program thanks :wink:

The beyond 531 1.1-1.4 That’s on here seems great so far.

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The greatest gains I’ve made where with 20-rep squats. At my best I was at 20x405lbs. Low reps get me fatigued faster.


I always point to Alpha destiny’s novice program. That and ICF. I had great gains doing Alpha’s program. It cover alot of posterior work (box squats, Stiff legged deads and even weighted planks. The majority of people’s problems squatting is lack of posterior chain strength. That’s why you barely see ppl go below parallel and when they do they drive their knees forward.
PRO TIP. Breaths through your mouth. “Eat” the air and fill your core with air. This will make your Squats more explosive

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