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Tips on Using Clen-40?

I’m new to trying Clen and wondered what kind of cycle people have used and had good results. I was thinking of running it with test and maybe tren, but test for sure. Appreciate the help and information.

What’s the rationale for requiring clen while using tren.

If you can’t drop BF% on tren then something is seriously wrong… Are you prepping for a competition (this changes everything, esp when trying to get down to like 4%… But even then, many guys CAN do it naturally… Let alone on tren)

Clen causes severe trembling of the hands in some people. If you can’t hide that or need to be steady in your job, then I would try something else. Also, as @unreal24278 said, tren is a pretty good fat burner and its also harsh in its own ways. Not something to be taken lightly.

Due to b2 adrenergic receptor stimulation. B2 adrenergic receptors are binding sites for catecholamines such as epinephrine (otherwise known as adrenaline).

I’ve used tren A and tren E before a comp but only a short time. Heard about Clen so wanted to get some info on using it with it over tren a or e. I powerlift but still am trying to drop body fat so have been looking for a good cycle. Thanks for your input.