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Tips on Using Ammonia


I just got some ammonia, and its freakin awesome. Since I'm new to it, is there anything I should know about how often you can use it? How much in one workout? How many workouts per week? I'm assuming that using ammonia will be more taxing on the nervous system?


I was feeling really off today and was considering picking up a bottle of ammonia at the grocery store for this purpose.

Is that all I need? Is there a special kind of weightlifting ammonia? Do I just open the bottle and sniff?


Use it on friends when they are sleeping, trust me its hilarious.

I have just used mine mostly for humor and during my max outs.


The first thing you have to realize is that ammonia is a toxin. That means it's not a good thing. Now, don't get me wrong. I love this shit, and I use it regularly. But I've gotta believe it's just as bad as cocaine or any other substance you could snort up your nose.

It's true application/use is to treat fainting. Ammonia is commonly used on the playing fields when a player is knocked out. This is amazingly stupid as the last thing you would want to do with a possible head injury is to induce a head jerk reaction, commonly caused by ammonia.

That being said, I would say use it sparingly, only on your absolute max effort attempts. As a competitive powerlifter, I use about 2-3 caps per workout, only on my ME days. At a competition, I use a cap per lifts, so that's 9 caps per competition...


Ok. I was leery to use more than one in a workout. But if I can use a few, my singles are gonna go up a lot.



Just playing.


It's not the same thing.



This type of bottle seals better.

The white bottles don't seal very well and usually need a washer in the lid to keep the contents from evaporating too quickly.


I agree, although I tend to use it even more sparingly; only in competition or for a PR lift that means a lot to me.

I'm a big fan of the capsules, as it feels great to crush it in you hand before inhaling the sweet fumes. You can get them at inzernet.com or irongladiators.com


Ammonia can actually damage your lungs, sniffing it out of a bottle you bought from a shop would probably not be a good idea.


i use them in competition only. The capsules and smelling salts are relatively safe as the chemicals are specifically mixed for safe inhalation. I think they do minor damage to your mucous membranes if used too much.

The pure ammonia that they sell in stores for cleaning is a different compound altogether and shouldn't be inhaled as it has an entirely different effect on the brain and will burn off the lining of your nasal cavity


That joke needed to be made. I like the spelling of rocking.


I didn't know smelling salts was so widespread in the NFL.



Don't drink it.


Agreed. I save it for max lifts in competition and occasionally in the gym. In fact, I'd be surprised if I use more than a dozen a year


Great stuff! I have not tried nose tork, but have heard it's pretty good. I just use the caps.

I only use for max attempts, I maybe bust out 1-2 per week depending on training. I don't think it's like doing coke, but I'm sure it's not good for you either.

Watch Chad Aiches get up for a lift, he crunches down 2 at a time! Freak....