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Tips On Use Of Research Chemicals

These come with graduated droppers which is nice, but for smaller doses such as T3, count the drops per 1/2ml, then figure out the number of drops to use.

Some of these RC’s are not in solution, but have solids and must be shaken into suspension before measuring. If there is liquid in the dropper tube when you shake the bottle, the liquid in the dropper tube is not getting mixed with the rest of the contents. This could produce a weak dose and the remaining contents in the bottle would get more potent over time. So empty the dropper tube after use and attach empty ready for shaking with the next usage.


The surface tension of these solutions or suspensions is quite variable by product. With the same droppers, I have seen some with 10 drops per .5ml and some with 15 drops per .5ml

So check for each product.

The best way to know how much you are really getting (assuming that the dose labeled on the bottle is true) is to measure out the dose in a syringe. Too hard to gauge in a dropper.