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Tips on Training The Renegade way

My name is Jesus, im 15 years old turning 16 in 1 week. Im 6’ 6" tall, i weight about 207 lbs (quite skinny), my vertical leap is about 22-23 inches, i have descently long arms my reach is aobut 8’ 5". Im a sophmore in high school, i played varsity this year, well i benched the entire season, cause i wasnt good enought. I play the 5, which i like to play alot. When i play i love to rebound the basketball its my favorite part of the game as a matter of fact.

Im currently playing aau for a super competive program, and im improving at an incredibly fast rate skill wise. Im not very athletic though, my foot speed agility, quickness, explosiveness, speed, and coordination suck. I Want to be a dominatent basketball player, here are some of my stats in the weightroom, i bench 195 lbs, squat 180 lbs, deadlift 190 lbs. my bodyfat% is descent would say 10%. My overall biggest problem according to my coach is just overall coordination, and strength.

My diet is getting better i eat about 4 meals a day, i really stay away from unnesasery fats especially since cholesteral is a huge problem in my family. I Sleep atleast 8 hours a night, and my life isnt very stressful. I play basketball everyday, im not into the wimpy things like just working on my squat and forgeting about my jumpshot at all that doesnt work for me i only now 1 way and thats hard work.

What can i do to become a dominant basketball player next season, people tell me that i have an incredible amount of potential and my goal is to drop 20ppg and 20rbpg, like i said i love to rebound and i think its the most important factor of the game in my opinion. Thanks alot i know your a busy guy. I would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me back that would be awesome.

For the split im thinking
Monday Full Body Workout
Tues- Agility, speed, Quickness
Wed- Flexibility, and Gpp
Thurs- Whole Body Workout
Fri- Agility, Gpp

Sat+Sun Off Days

Does that split look correct any tips, my goal is to reach atleast a 31 inche vertical leap in 8 months time.

I like davie’s stuff, but since you are in the off season, you might want to try incorporating a westside hybrid into your routine (ala Defranco). If you have 8 months to get ready I would focus on Strength/agility/skill for 6 months and then switch to gpp/agility/skill for the last two months to get your conditioning up. A good off season split may look like this:

agility (cone drills etc)
lower body (hip dominant i.e. low back, hams, glutes)

Jump rope
bball skills

agility (cone drills etc)
upper body

jump rope
bball skills

agility (cone drills etc)
lower body (quad dominant)

bball skills
upper body


The trick is to get quality work over quantity. I have made the mistake of trying to do too much too quickly way too many times. If you want I can go into further details about specifics of a program like this.

Just remember that you are training for bball, so don’t neglect spending time just shooting hoops.

Good luck.

What exercises would you reccomend the most and are my 10 inch on vertical leap is attainable?

Jesus - hope all is well. I received your email earlier and sent a reply. There are a number of matters to discuss with your on-court play and your training. I look forward to hearing from you.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Well I can’t pretend to know a tenth of what coach davies knows but, to answer your questions----

Best Lifts-

Squats (all variations)
Deadlifts (all variations)
Presses(all variations)
Cleans(all variations)
Chinups(all variations)
Rows(all variations)
Lunges(all variations)
Step-Ups(all variations)
Glute-Ham Raises (natural or bench)
Good Mornings (all variations)

There are countless “good” lifts with all of the above variations. It is quite possible to never do the same workout twice…

If you were to only use the above lifts for the rest of your life, you’d be set.

As for the 31 inch verticle-- I wouldn’t shoot for a specific goal. Just work on your jumping technique, your strength and conditioning, and, most importantly, your bball skills. At 6’6’’, you don’t need an amazing verticle in order to succeed on the court. Good luck.
p.s. read Joe Defranco’s Verticle Jump article in last weeks issue of t-mag if you haven’t already.