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Tips on Street Fighting?


Hey everyone, I've had one of those long weeks, and i cant get some bastards smart ass comment out of my head. He said "Your girlfriend is probably one of the easiest girls in the high school".

Needless to say i'm just a little bit pissed off... well i told the guy to leave her alone or i will fight him... and now i guess he wants to fight me. He is a year older than me, and i guess i dont really know whether or not im gunna win this one, ive only fought once and that was in a locker room... anyone got any tips or suggestions on fighting techniques?


If it's a guarantee that he's not going to bring 30 of his closest friends...take him to the ground and just beat on him. Watch some basic wrestling technique videos and do a double leg. Then mount him. Then throw punches.


YEAH BLIND SIDE HIM !!! Bro if you cant fight walk away !!!


Dude fuck that, stand up for your girlfriend and yourself. This is not about me tarzan u jane. Kick him in the balls, poke his eyes, do whatever it takes to take him down. Use any of his weak points to your advantage.

It would be a different story on how this whole incident occur. How did it start anyway. Where you minding your own business with your girlfriend and then this guy starts bothering you or what?


Since this isent UFC or Pride then you msut remember that stomps,soccer kicks,flying guard are ALL Legal. This is a street fight dude so do whatever means possible to fight. Remeber there are NO RULES. Grain kicks,Eye Gougings,Pocket Sand (Highly Recomended) are all legal.

Dont even blink when someone says thats not legal or thats againts the rules,just give him the "Shut the fuck up or your next" look. If you have a boxing bag and sumone to hold up focus mitts for you,I highly suggest you practice and tighten that striking game. If theres one thing you should take away from this,take this "GO APE SHIT CRAZY" Im completely serious.

This is the streets,its do or die my friend. Finally as a constant reminder and what Big John Mcarthy would always say before a UFC match and that pussy McCain ruined it all for the rest of us "THERE ARE NO RULES!"


Hit first and fight hard. Don't stop throwing punches. The guy who quits first is the loser. Simple as that.

My dad once gave me a great piece of advice about fighting. He said that sometimes it doesn't matter whether you win, you just make damn sure he knows that if he messes with you, even if you lose, he's going to bleed. He'll never give you shit afterwards.



dont kick him in the nuts, that shit is a straight bitch move, punch the nose then the throat


If you are aiming for a hard part of his body, use a softer part of yours. If aiming for a soft part of his body, use something hard. Don't quit. Nose, ears, eyes, chin, neck, nads if you have to.

If he ties up with you, grab a finger and bend the shit out of it and follow up with about 5 strikes.
Don't fight if you don't have to. Win if you do have to.


hardly an instant tip but take up something like Judo, Boxing, BJJ if they do takedowns, Muay Thai or some other form of martial art where you spar hard. If you can do it to a trained person, an untrained person is a piece of cake


Are you gonna have fist fights every time you hear a spiteful comment ?


Since this is Street Fighters, Haduken the guy.

On a serious note, study the place where you'll fight. Find some items in that place like a garbage bin or a locker which you can use to your advantage. And make sure he bleeds.

If possible, do the sleeper hold and never let go until he passes out. You'll have to be really quick on this one.

And remember, don't kick his balls. Let your girlfriend do it while you're choking him.


spray him with pepper spray first then kick him in the nuts.


I'm with Horazio, all the way. If someone means to cause you harm, fine, green light on ripping him a new one. If you're so out of touch with reality, however, that such a thoughtless, low-class remark flares you up like this, then you're in for some hard times ahead.


Oh, the drama of high school.

Walk up to him, say you hear he wants to fight you, and if he says yes, deck him in the face with a roll of quarters.

I mean, really. It's high school, don't over think this. You'll get more school cred because it will make a more interesting story, plus people will find it funny. Only the loser complains about cheap shots.


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Agreed. As a matter of fact. After you fuck him up make sure you immediately fuck his boys up who are onlooking. ALL OF THEM that don't run.

Act like you don't even know who the fuck you are. Completely disassociate yourself from the entire situation and take on the fact that this guy is trying to kill you.

After that you will cool down. Your girl should be pretty shaken up with "seeing you that way." But she WILL be turned on. Act immediately.


Are some of you guys really recommending gauging someone's eyes because he talked a little shit? Unbelievable

Hope the OP has a good lawyer.

Rember escalation is a bitch.

If you have to fight, in this context, keep it somewhat clean. If the guy is a mugger or breaking into your house, then by all means do whatever you want.

Keep a little context.


C'mon let the kid live. You guys are clearly giving the more mature perspective but let him save some of his pride. This is high school, granted he is still under the age of 18 there will be no charges pressed, everyone will think he's cool and know not to fuck with him or his girl, and the kid stated WITH HIM.

If he doesn't fight (OP you always have the choice to fight or not), everyones gonna think he's a pussy. IE try to fuck his girl, try to fight him, what have you.

OP either fight or don't but get ready to fight. I have a feeling that either way, he's going to keep pushing you. No-one in high school is going to take the Mr. Clean and Bushy mature perspective, IT'S HIGH SCHOOL. Especially not this douchebag.


Just ignore that guy, its not worth it.

BUT if he get aggressive and you know he is gonna hit you, hit him before he knocks you down.


Eye gouging is a little extreme. I seriously hope one of that kids bodies soccer kick him in the head if he tries that shit. Your going to get suspended anyway if you fight on campus, so you might as well hit first if you aren't worried about kicking his ass. I really hope the other kid starts a thread here, saying you talked shit about him, that would be priceless.

Anyway, go meet him wherever you are going to fight, a lot of people wont show up, but be ready. If you really want to embarrass him, choke him out, then take a pee on him. Everybody will be talking about that for the rest of your high school career.