Tips on Starting my Own Strongman Gym?

I’m thinking of starting my own hardcore gym for strength athletes (strongmen, powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters).
However, the region I live in is predominantly white-collared (upper middle class).
Also, there are already a few hardcore gyms around the region about 30-40 minutes away (although the emphasis is on bodybuilding & powerlifting. No real strongman gyms yet).
Do you guys think it would be a good idea to start one?

If so…
Should I get a loan from the bank?
Should I rent or buy my own space?
Should I get a business partner, or go at this solo?
How should I go about marketing my gym?

P.S. I already have over $2000 worth of strongman equipment that I’m storing at my current gym so I’m thinking of putting it to good use.

Do a free Strongman Saturday cardio session. People love that shit. Tyres, farmers for the free one, 30 minutes before you have your actual session.

You need to be a shrewd operator as gyms are tough to make cash on.

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No. Not unless you want to lose a lot of money.

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Brian Alsruhe has some vids on Youtube that you might find helpful. He lurks around here sometimes…

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do you still live in dallas?