Tips On Squat Form

My squat was going alright until the start of the season. Throwing all I knew out the window, I didnt heavy squat throughout the entirety of it. Stupid. So now I’m back, and my form sucks. I’ve identified that my problem occurs at the bottom. I get down there fine, pushing my knees out, chest up, but then when I hit parallel, I inexplicably bend forward, my butt shoots back and my form is off. On the box I get down fine, but my butt will always slide back before I can get the weight up. Anyone have any suggestions on have to fix this and/or where to find articles/movies about squat form.

BTW i have read Dave Tate’s Squat 900 lbs, which has previously solved a few of my problems.

We had a teen lifter who started doing this all the sudden. I have some ideas.

However, and I know this can be challenging, but is it possible for you to video a set or two and post it.

Honestly, telling you to work on one thing could cause something else to happen if it isn’t accurate.

well actually i really have no idea how to do that with a videocamera. Id like to though, anything to fix my form. Im pretty sure that the trouble comes when my butt shoots back at the bottom, and so i bend at the waist (my head moving towards the ground). I dont really know how to fix it, I was thinking that the reasoning for me moving like that might be that my lower back is weak, so more goodmornings maybe? If so, I need to find a link to correct form for them, as my GM form might be worse than my squat form.