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Tips On Receiving Your Gear

Hello to all. I’m looking forward to refreshing my memory on gear in preparation for a few short cycles. I did a few cycles back in 95-98 but haven’t since. Since I am not connected in those circles anymore I am leaning towards converting some component th. I’ve done some pretty intensive internet research on the topic and am close to taking the plunge. However, before I do I was hoping to get some feedback on other people’s experience on buying them online.

I’ve googled it and have found several vet supply sites that sell component th. Has anyone had (or know of someone) who has run into a “problem” buying it online? By problem I mean controlled delivery, scammed, etc.? I’ve done a ton of research (including reading Rick Collin’s book Legal Muscle, google searches and pouring over the FDA and DEA websites) and I have not found any examples of people getting in trouble for buying it online.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to reduce the risk of running into problems? For example would you call the order in by telephone or just do it online? Or send in a money order by mail?

Any help would be much appreciated.