Tips on Preventing Need for an AI

After over a year of raising my T naturally, I finally gave TRT a “trial run” (again) and was blown away by short term results. I gave Defy a call again, and said I’m ready to commit. Talked to Dr Saya himself (awesome consultation, and very genuine guy!), and got setup on basically the same protocol I was supposed to start originally: 150mg T Cyp/week & 900IU HCG/week, split into 3 doses, subQ.

I’m at about 11% bodyfat, and my SHBG floats around 40 (sometimes 30 or 50 though), so we decided no AI (my preference). My E2 is normally about 20, but lately has been closer to 24.

I didn’t think to ask him if he had any other tips to keep E2 down if I start showing symptoms of it getting too high. I’ve tested as high as 48 in the past without issues though, so I suspect I have some room.

I’m an over-responder to calcium d-glucarate, with it sending my E2 <20 on blood tests in the past. Any other tips to naturally keep E2 in check? I don’t currently drink, and plan to be careful with that and soy and other estrogen-increasing things at least while starting.

You should be fine if you are injecting 3 times a week at 150mg a week of T, you can even switch to every other day or daily injections if its a huge concern, more frequent dosing, lower injection amount each time. To my understanding the two ways in which excessive aromatization happens is too big of a test dose administered at once, i.e. once weekly shots, and having a higher body fat percentage. I do every other day injections of test, and 500iu of HCG a week. HCG can also cause e2 to raise so keeping an eye on that can be important too. But generally I think the consensus is that TRT levels of testosterone therapy (not supra physiological doses) do not require an AI for most people. And that there is no “sweet spot” range where E2 should be that fits every single person, since we are all bio chemically unique.


Everyone has their sweat spot, I went from an EOD to an ED protocol and this was the sweat spot for estrogen (<35), I couldn’t get estrogen low enough on an EOD protocol at any dosage without dropping T too lower.

Hmm…didn’t even consider switching to EOD or ED instead - this might be easier than trying to decide which day to “skip” doing 3 times a week.

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I think the 3x / week protocol will work out fine. Don’t worry about getting a perfectly proportioned interval, just inject every M W F and take the weekend off. That’s how I do my split and it works just fine.