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Tips On New Razor Phone


My wife bought me a razor from Motorola out of the blue. Now that I have a phancy camera phone any tips or suggestions on what I can use it for besides calling my wife:)


You could send her pics of you while shes at work and make a caption like "I cant wait to fuck you when you get home." Not that I've done that, or anything.


Just make sure NOT to send her pics of you nailing the secretary. Not that I've done that or anything.


Is that the Razr? The phone has issues with white dots appearing on the screen out of nowhere. Numerous friends of mine who have the phone have had the problem, as well as my own mother.

I'm not saying go and return it, but call motorola and ask if they've fixed the issue first.


My wife bought me a phone from Remington. Wanna trade?


Yep, mine started doing that about 8 months after I bought it. However, it's probably becuase I treat it like a 10 dollar whore and not becuase it's a shitty phone. My GF has the same phone and hers still acts and looks like it's brand new. She keeps hers in her purse or against her cheek.

Mine rides in my pocket, I clap it shut too hard, and I drop it once or twice a month...

I really like the phone, though. Motorola rocks.


The dots are from the keypad pressing against the screen. The newer ones (V3) from what I understand dont have that issue anymore.


I just got a V3 this past week.

I suppose I'll let you guys know in 8 months if white dots are appearing or not...


I like the phone, but has anyone had issues with a short battery life? My last phone went a few days without having to charge it and this one needs charging every night. Obviously this depends on usage, but I use my phone maybe once a day...


Probably your individual battery is the problem then dude. I keep mine on all the time, and it's on "vibrate/ring" or "vibrate" all day long, and I have to recharge it every two or three days.



Son of a bitch... I was wondering how I see all these professional business people using them all the time... thanks man, might just have to snag a fresh battery...


I had a razr a while back, for the first few months the battery would go about 2-3 even 4 days, now it is about 18months old and my gf has it, she's lucky to get more than about 12 hrs out of it.
The battery isn't as good as a nokia, but I suppose that is what you get in such a tiny phone, a tiny battery.

Mine nevr had white spots appear and I abused it pretty bad. Key pad is really starting to wear now though. Overall very good phone, although there were some irritating quirks in the OS that i didn't like. Software was pretty slow too, but I think they fixed that on newer ones.

Also it is probably still the most stylish phone on the market (possible exception of the new Samsung but I haven't seen one up close yet)




  • you could get a bluetooth adapter for your computer and use it to transfer pics over or update address books easily.

  • take pictures in the mirror and post them here in a "whats my bodyfat %" thread.

  • download free ringtones and backgrounds from your computer using said bluetooth adapter.

  • buy a bluetooth headset for driving, but don't wear it outside your car or else you end up looking like a huge douche bag.


Bluetooth is great and all but I was very disappointed to find the the RAZR does NOT use the standard Vcard format. You cannot just transfer your calendar, contacts, etc through Outlook. You must buy their PhoneTools software.

Why can't this crap just all get along???


Sorry to hijack, but while on the topic of phones. Anyone have the Motorola PEBL? I'm in the market for a new phone and like the pebl. Decent phone?


It helps if you don't overheat your battery. For example, don't leave the phone in a hot car while you're shooting hoops or anything like that. High temp kills off batteries pretty fast, even if the phone is off. (Is any cell phone ever off?)




Scroll down to the reviews and see for yourself.



Be sure to have some type of bluetooth or earpiece if you are anywhere ouside of a vacuum chamber.
quitest. phone. ever.


Burn the beast the razr is the devil I hate that phone, hate hate hate. Every no toothed yokel comes in "how much is the razr phone??" I love Cingular because they pay my bills but hate them for the marketing campaign they started with that POS phone.

-Rant Off-

Congradulations on your new device I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


the phone sucks, the memory sucks.
it just sucks in general.