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Tips on My Workout Structure?


Monday-squat & deadlift with polymetrics
Tuesday-dip & pull ups (HIIT finisher)
Wednesday-Deadlift, push press
Thursday- pull up, bench and polymetrics
Friday squat, push press
Weekend off

I also pick one of these days to practice the snatch and clean & jerk

generally I'll do low volume high intensity such as 3-5 sets 2-5 reps
or 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps when I'm not feeling to go heavy
I have not done this plan yet I'm just wondering if its a good plan.

at the moment I'm doing a 3 day split low volume with about 3-5 different moves in each workout day.

(by the way this is my first post)




As you didn't say anything about goal(s), age, current condition, diet, etc, I gave you two options.



This... doesn't seem to...
Could you explain your thinking a bit? Are those supposed to be full-body workouts?



Age: 19
Current condition: fairly weak... okay pretty weak Height 184cm weight 68kg (pretty skinny)
my bench is 60kg 1 rep max, 70kg squat 1 rep max and 110kg deadlift 1 rep max.
diet: no idea the amount of calories but I got to 20% body fat before and now at 14% so I'm sure I'm eating below maintenance. i eat whole foods no supplement atm im doing Intermittent fasting till i get to 10% BF um bulk of my food intake is protein:meat,egg carbs:brown rice,oats fat:nuts,oil,dairy.

goals: Increase strength,loss of fat. (if that's what you mean)

been training for 3 months


I kind of split it by exercises but tried to not hit the same muscle directly two days consistently.


Works for me. Just a quick thought though: exercises are often paired or separate for a reason.
For instance, in a superset, we often pair pressing with pulling. This helps both, for reasons I can't remember or understand.
Do we think the same is true of program design overall? For instance, if we separate pushing and pulling, we ensure that our muscles are not fatigued from previous sessions more effectively?


This looks awful for your level. So does your diet.

Do stronglifts 5x5 consistently for three months while eating good food - neither bulking or cutting, just enough to feel full and get enough protein. Try 2500cals for a start. Do this and see what happens; most importantly, stick to it.


what was wrong with my diet exactly? and thank you for the workout advice, I guess 5 day split is beyond my level at this point in time.


Your calorie intake is. focusing on fat loss means there will be not too much left of you; at your BMI, you don't have much to show underneath. (No offence, I looked like that myself). Spend a few months slowly building some muscle and strength without adding fat first.


I agree with this. It is difficult for most people to get to 10% bf without counting macros. Again, once you cut down, you will not be pleased with how you look because you simply don't have enough mass. Weight training is a marathon, not a sprint. Like nighthawkz said, take some time to slowly add some quality muscle while keeping the fat gain to a minimum.