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Tips on Lowering Dose

I am currently doing a weekly shot schedule of 170mg a week and I want to lower it to 150mg no specific reason just to take less. Can I just go down to 150mg without noticing much of a difference?

20 mg is relatively insignificant. You shouldn’t notice much if anything.

That’s what I was thinking

From time to time, I reduce doses from about 160 mg/week to about 110 mg/week. I notice no short-term differences.

But over the long -term, I get more muscle mass and less fat mass at the higher dose.

So lowering the dose for a week or two is no big deal

Correct. Curious what the motivation is…?

I want to see if I can feel just as good on a lower dose.

Here are my labs from last week. Shot was on Saturday night close to midnight and this was drawn Thursday morning about 11am

You should reduce your dose. You are above the normal range which may cause health problems. If it were me, I’d cut back to 120mg/week in two divided doses. Where’s your E2 lab result?

Test Cyp peaks on the 4th day. Shouldn’t it be high. I have low body fat and a good diet. I don’t have estrogen issues.

No it peaks in 48 hours. A good lab reading is mid week as you drew. I agree with Nash. Drop dosage accordingly and retest in 6 weeks.

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Correction on the day the shot was taken. It wasn’t Saturday at midnight. It was 12 am Sunday not Saturday

Also, I have been on 170mg for a few years now. And went down to 150mg before these labs. Nothing prompted me to lower the dose. I haven’t had any issues with. Hemocrit or hemoglobin ever. I can upload those labs also. Should I continue the 150 for 6 weeks and retest

Your call. The higher your T is above normal the more risk of future complications. It also has a negative impact on your lipids. You can do what you want but your tests show a lower dose gets you to the top of a normal range. Only you can decide what you want to do.

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Here are the rest of my labs

Dunno man, those labs look pretty good so… Up to you.