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Tips on Improving the Rectus Femoris


CT do you have any tips for improving the rectus femoris? Mostly in the area of aesthetics but always looking for strength tips. I know of a few stretches that really get at it but any hypertrophy tips? Or is it more of a diet modification?



not sure if this is helpful or not, but the rectus femoris is distinct in that its the only quadricep muscle that produces hip flexion as is spans more joints. as such, you should throw in some leg raises, maybe even to pre exhaust the RF musculature, before a more compound quad exercise


Old article written by Thibs. He obviously trains differently now, but still good info in here


I helped a bodybuilder 2 years ago with that “issue”… I had him do leg extensions, trying to lift his leg off of the bench at the top of the movement as well as roman chain sit-ups (focusing on using the legs to lift the torso, which you normally want to avoid when training the abs) and sissy squats.

That having been said, be careful… an overdelopped rectus femoris will tend to be tight, which can lead to several issues (rounding the lower bakc in squats and deadlifts, back problems).