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Tips on How to Perform Ab Roulouts?


Does anybody have tips on how to perform ab roulouts? I’ve tried it several times, but I’m not doing it correctly yet.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Anymore suggestions?

Use one with a single wheel in the middle.
Do them standing as well.

  1. Get your head out of your chest (tilt head back)
  2. Keep your arms straight, and bring your shoulder blades back and down. One trick a more experienced lifter gave me was to think of your shoulder socket as a turtle’s shell and your upper arm like the turtle’s head. Let your shoulder socket “suck in” the upper arm, like a turtle’s head going in its shell.
  3. Brace your abs and use your hips to extend and retract through the movement.

Make sure you keep you lower back slightly “hollow” not arched. The only angle that should change is the one at the hips - not the shoulder. Try to keep a straight line from the hands to the hips.