Tips on Getting Gym Membership Fee/Initiation Cost Down?

LA Fitness is $99 initiation and $40 a month. My wife and I would like to sign up and maybe get that down to $30 a month. Any particular strategies we can use? Can we just say “can we get a deal for $30 since it’s two of us signing up?”

For sure ask about a group/family rate or discount.

You can skip the initiation fee if you just join one location.

Try this promo code on the LA Fitness website


See if you can find a way to become eligible for Active and Fit Direct. Your health plan at work may give you that option. If not, AAA members can sign up too. Esporta and LA Fitness have most clubs on it. And there are tons of other gyms across the country that are on it too. It’s only $28 per month per member. I don’t remember what the initiation fee was but I want to say it was only $50 or so and they often run specials that waive it.

Edit: Here’s the AAA link. Home | AAA Washington

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Looks like my LA Fitness does qualify for that Active & Fit. Thanks! And thanks FlatFarmer, I’ll compare against the cost of that code as well.

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This isn’t that helpful to your current situation, but maybe something to keep in mind in the future:

My wife and I wanted to cancel our gym memberships (24 Hour Fitness) and join another one. We told them to cancel them and they immediately offered us a greatly reduced monthly fee to stay.

Kinda pissed me off. Like all we had to do was ask?

Anyway, fear of losing a couple of members often leads to discount offers. Unless the gym is booming, then I suppose they can be picky.

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Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind to try after we’ve been there a while.

Not sure what your situation is, but when all the gyms closed during lockdown, they promised they would honor the time. Then they raised their prices! Therefore I went on a mission to workout anytime anywhere without the gym, and without traveling anywhere. If I go to the park, I walk/run there, and if I go disc golfing I ride my bike there and sprint the course while playing.

The solution to gyms charging all these fees is to get creative, and make your own workouts. I simply asked for backpacks and made sandbags. I went to a farm and got a tractor tire to flip. Found pipes and rubber hoses to do iso work and even ski erg and rowing work. Created a sled from a car tire and rope and used big rocks to put weight on it. Trees make great pull-up bars, and benches can be really good boxes to jump on. Carry some logs, or just hang a rope and climb it. And a price of cast iron pipe made a great 40 lb ram!

If you really want to get a gym membership free, then go outside and create your own gym! You will love the fresh air instead of the sweaty gym!

Also, become an AARP member. Despite the name membership is actually open to folks of all ages. My wife and I got the card for a variety of discounts (I think some gym memberships were on there).