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Tips on Getting a Doc to Prescribe TRT?

[quote]SergeRedding wrote:

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haha reading your first post my first thought was “this guy is gonna ask about PCT for his micro cycle”

I would say if really all you did was a few injections you should be fine, but you really shouldnt take your endocrine system for a ride like that[/quote]

That’s good advice - hopefully I’ll never have anything but carefully cycled test prop in my system from now on.

I’m a young guy at 22; I’ll just chalk this up to naivety. I’ll have to think of another excuse in case I try something like this again, but hey, that’ll do for now.

Some kids my age drive drunk and screw whores without condoms; I inject myself with long-ester’d compounds to punk doctors.

It’s all good, at least it worked

actually, wanna write about your experience on said mini cycles? results, gains, etc.

[quote]SergeRedding wrote:
Thanks for all the answers.

My Deca plan seems to have worked. Got a value of 200 ng/dL on the day of the test.

I’ve a new question now. So I took the shot of about 175mg of Deca 2 weeks ago. I didn’t inject anything else. Do I need to run PCT? How long until the stuff clears? How long should I wait before starting my next cycle? As far as symptoms go I feel a little tired and I think I have some slight atrophy in my left nut (I may be imagining this, though).

Again, thanks.[/quote]

So the deca lowered you test levels??

The deca lowered your testosterone levels on the blood test?