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Tips on eating more?


Anyone have tips on how to cram more food in your piehole? Here's what I have so far:

-Eat quickly to "beat" the full feeling

-Do something while you eat (like watch TV)

-Nibble on food throughout the day

-Eat in low light (http://www.mercola.com/2002/feb/20/dieting_light.htm)

-Eat while lying down (http://www.mercola.com/2003/jun/4/eating_lying_down.htm)

Any others?


Huh? Not the NeilG, is it? I thought you were, uh, removed.


Definitely eating as fast as you can... while making sure you don't choke to death...

nibbling throughout the day might be the answer, but you have to make sure you nibble enough, like GRAZING... "X" amount of calories per hour...

eating what you are craving would help too...

also, variety in a meal does significantly help.... instead of eating 12 egg whites, eat 6, with a chicken breast, and a peice of steak.


Nah, Zev, I think it's just some poor, unsuspecting sap who unwittingly happened to recently register with the same user name of "NeilG" by coicidence.

At least I hope so.

But, either way, I agree that variety is part of the answer. The rest lies with intense workouts combined with kick-ass HIIT cardio on a consistent basis. That oughta have your body craving the intake.


I don't know. I think it's the same NielG. Look at his suggestions.


Digestive enzymes.

I can eat about 15 yams in one sitting; they sit easily.



The enterprising founders of Weight Watchers would quiver in fear at this topic. Even in a bodybuilding forum, I consider such advice unhealthy and inappropriate.



Write out your nutrition plan and follow it. Know exactly how many kcals you need each day and get 'em.

Don't make excuses like you're not hungry or it's hard to eat enough food. Hold yourself accountable and draw up the plan.

Know your goals and carry out the plan to get there. If you're serious about success, you'll take the measures necessary to reach those peaks.


A) prepare food

B) grasp fork

C) poke food

D) open trap

E) jam in mouth

F) chew

G) swallow

H) take shit

I) repeat


How the hell is it "unhealthy and inapropriate"? He's trying to gain mass.
I'm sure alot of people on this site use little tricks to make themselves eat more.


Read The Skinny Bastard Diet issue 176:




I don't think I could eat like that. I'm not a skinny bastard, so I think I'd just get fat from that.

10% calories from fat??? That's impossible! hehehe


Ike should be able to share my opinion.

You snooze you lose buddy. Gotta be quick with that steak with a house full of T-men.


P-DOG said:

F) chew

I myself have found that skipping this one little step can contribute greatly to consuming the requisite amount of food in the designated time...


I don't think laying down is a good idea because the food will pass slowly through the stomach if you do this, making you feel too full and not allowing food to be digested fast enough to eat more and more. I'm with Timbo, plan it out and eat every 2 hours. Also working out twice a day might allow you to develop more of an appetite. I'm not suggesting two full sized workouts just split your regular routine in two or do as CT suggests and one 30-40 minute functional workout in the morning and one 20-30 minutes volume and slow reps 8 hours later.