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Tips on Bulking Up/Increase Perfomance


Hey guys, what's up.

I thought about posting this thread at BB.com forums, but I need some real advises here. I'm 19, 5'11", 180 lbs, and I play free safety at a semi-professional football team here in Brazil. We just lost our conference championship game yesterday, and now I'm planning on how I can step my game up to 2012.

My dilemma is: Is there a way for me to keep on adding lean mass without juicing up?
A guys have started taking M-Drol and their results were pretty amazing, but I'm still not completely sold on going the steroid way.

I work out and practice 4x a week (can't work out on weekends due to games), do have a good diet, getting around 200g of protein per day, with a nice load of carbs and healthy fats. Carbs have never been a problem since I seem to handle them easily. I can't keep those crazy diets because, aside football, I also go to school and work during the aftertnoon.

Could anyone share some thoughts/experience on this? I'm looking to make progress, put on some size and build a better prepared body overall.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, but it's impossible to build lean mass without the juice.



OP: If you were slowly gaining weight I wouldn't see you asking this question. So you must eat more. Just a small addition and your weight will start scooching up.

Clearly you don't need PEDs to progress beyond 180.


hey guys am 19yr old going to take the 10mg dbol pill and EFX , i was wondering how many pills should i take a day and for how many weeks?


can some one answer this?


You waited 19 minutes to get your question answered.

You definitely have the attitude of a teenager looking for a short cut in life.

Why don't you go up to the "Forums" drop down list and into the "Pharma" section.

Good luck kiddo,


Same goes for you OP,

Personally, I would try to max out your genetic potential through diet and hard training with a couple cheap supplements; ie multivitamin, creatine, protein powder. At 19 years old, 5'11" and 180# you are not even close to your genetic potential.

If you don't like my advice follow my last post and put your question in the "Pharma" section because in the nutrition section people are just going to tell you to EAT MORE.