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Tips on Bulking Diet?


Looking to bulk up over winter months. Havent got loads of cash to spend but im aiming to eat healthy and put on some quality weight, not concerned about abs.

Meal 1

2 eggs on toast
55g protein whey shake in semi skim milk

or workout days....

4 weatabix in pint of milk
55g protein drink

meal 2

usually a snack of 4tsp pb and glass of milk or beef jerky

meal 3

tuna and jacket potato with fruit (grapes, kiwi etc)
chocolate cookie (not healthy i know but i get this meal free at college so i have whats on offer)
55g protein drink sometimes in milk (if i had milk at meal 2 then i give it a miss)

meal 4

4 eggs on toast

meal 5

2 peices toast and 55g whey protien shake

meal 6

cottage cheese with peanut butter

works out at around 3500 calories everyday

300g or so protien and carbs
100g fat
(nutrient details are approx but always count calories to make sure im hitting 3500)

train with weights 4x per week

chest and tris
shoulders and bi;s
legs and abs


If you can, try and throw some veggies in there. Even a piece of fruit in the morning.

For your work out, what are you trying to accomplish? I know you said bulk, but I'm talking strength or hypertrophy? That split kind of sucks.

Or maybe just a general program? How long have you been working out and current stats?


Your diet is crap. Any diet that contains "4 weatabix in pint of milk " should be fired out the window in a skeet shooting contest.

40-50g protein every meal. And I don't mean protein shakes. One a day as a snack is fine, but they are not meals.
Eat something green every meal.
Add in healthy fats every meal. You can have a high calorie diet with meat and fat without feeling stuffed. Carbs are over rated. 100-200g per day is more than enough when you are gettng 4000 cals from meat and healthy fats.




Too many average Protein choices imo. Need more meat less shakes. Cottage Cheeses and Eggs are fine.


He has a point. Great White sharks have been known to survive on less than 100g of carbs a day and they are like the lions of the ocean.


Put down your wt. ht. and body fat percentage if you know it. (if not a picture will do)
Would need to know your lean body mass to know if 300grams is appropriate or not.

Other then that you have the right idea with getting in your protein as priority 1.

Don't get bogged down in the details of having a perfect diet.
Just get the protein and calories in and lift heavy complexes.
You're headed in the right direction just make adjustments as you go.

Says the guy with a pic. of a shark as an avi.


Bulking takes 18-24 months....not a single winter.



they are NOTHING like lions of the sea


Sorry OP I will not ruin your thread.

What you should take away from this is that carbs are definitely not overrated for bulking. For many many reasons


Love the edit about the carbs


add in GOMAD! :wink:)


Def need your weight to know where to go from here. Chances are you need more.

This isn't always ideal, but whole milk is always a good option. Not sure where you're located, but milk is cheap and adds calories without filling you up too much. It's also very very convenient.

Outside of that, meat is a good option.


This is an important point; too many people stick too rigidly to the plan they wrote before they started, it is vital you assess what is actually happening, not just what you think should happen- are you gaining weight, is it muscle or is too much of it fat, etc? And change things based on this.

Getting it right is a constant work in progress, more of a wave than distinct blocks, as if you were to do 3 months of eating a calorie surplus, then go back to eating what you were before, guess what, you'll go back to weighing exactly what you did before.


Assuming they don't cause you any trouble, oats are a good and very cheap carb source.

When my budget gets tight, I tend to add oats+whey wherever suitable to get more calories in.

Ground meat is a good and relatively cheap source of protein. Waitrose usually has 2*500g of ground pork for £4. Depending on your needs leave the fat in (8%) or de-fat it. Ground beef is a bit more expensive (depending on the quality), but I like heaving at least some every day.

As much as I love eggs they are relatively expensive in this country, so they wouldn't be my first choice for a protein source when money is an issue (unless you can get decent once for a reasonable price somewhere, but I think even something like Sainsbury's Basics eggs isn't good value for money and they taste awful).

I think milk is pretty much a waste of money. Lots of crap in it and doesn't really provide much protein or anything (you can get your saturated fat from meat).

Here are my staples:
ground meat (beef, pork)
oats (my main carb source)
frozen vegetables (chopped spinach, broccoli, cauliflower)
almond butter (peanut butter will do fine on a budget and is cheaper, but the difference would be maybe £5 a month, £10 if you eat a lot of it)
coconut oil (one tub lasts me a month and costs £8)
sweet potato (not a cheap carb source, but I have one 500g a day for about £1. Provides about 100g of carbs and a bunch of other good stuff)
water (tap, at uni Brita filtered)


BiP's list is good. I would like to add
ground turkey
ev olive oil (light flavor)
greek yogurt
cottage cheese
he said nuts but to specify(almonds, walnuts and pistachios)
Natty peanut butter ( too cheap to buy almond butter :p)
white potato, although i eat more sweet potato ( and like them more)
yeast rolls :stuck_out_tongue:
*Creatine :wink: