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Tips On Bulking. Always Clean?


Just wondering does everybody here eat really clean while bulking or do they throw in some junk food one in a while?


I started mixing it up at first, but my gut grew pretty fast. Its best to keep it clean and healthy id say...now im pretty much proportional.


It's more an individual thing, if you can do it eating clean then do it. But with me i have to add junk food. mostly pizzas. And i also use whipping cream in my protein shakes for calories. but i'm a hardgainer


Well i threw in a couple of wendys meals and some pizza , a little ice cream and i think i lost some fat but gained weight. Could i have been starving myself?


If you ate wendy's and ice cream and lost fat and gained weight, then most definelty you were starving yourself. try eating 6 to 7 meals a day


As clean as possible. Better body composition results. But if I'm struggling to meet my caloric goals and can't stomach getting there only on clean food for a brief period, I'll throw in some junk before going back to 90-95% clean eating agains.


Mostly clean, it's not just about gaining weight, but gaining the right weight, and doing it in a healthy manner.

Lately, to get in more calories I'll add in stuff like smart balance butter, syrup, and chocolate milk.

Not sure what is constituted as clean though, since that is relative.


Always clean for me, otherwise I just add fat. It's easy for me to add tons of extra cals from just oats and eggs. Also beef, lots of beef, hehe.


Um, if he gained weight, how did he starve himself?


No, you.re fine if you throw in some junk. Clean bulk seems to be the new buzz word for whatever reasons. When you bulk you want to ingest more calories than you expend. If you are taking in sufficient protein, EFAs, and have a calorie surplus, then eat what you like.

With that being said, if junk food causes you to Overconsume, meaning your surplus is just too great, then moderate it. No reason to completely avoid it unless it causes you to kill your diet. This goes for cutting as well.


I guess clean is all relative. The one guideline I'll follow no matter what is protein with every meal. I do have some junk every once in awhile, though for some reason fast food hasn't appealed to me for a few years now, but I will have a bowl of icecream or something similar...also, I have been known to have a few beers on occasion as well. I'm super strict when I'm dieting down, so I'll take the time to eat some crap while I'm bulking, but I don't go nuts, and I don't gain all that much fat.

I'm currently in the beginning of a bulking stage, this time I'm really shooting for a big gain, I'm going to see if I can pull off 30 lbs over the course of 6 months, and this will require some big calories on a daily basis because I don't gain weight easily, and if I should slack on a bulking diet for even a week I can lose five lbs fast. But yeah, I do enjoy the things that I won't get when I'm dieting though I take them in moderation.


i should have made it more clear, in relation to eating clean, he was not getting enough calories in, eating wendy's, ice cream and pizza, as we know are very high in calories, and a lot of fat(bad fat) calories.