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Tips on Building a Sled

Hey, I’m thinking of building my own sled for GPP work and was wondering if anybody else has built their own sled. If so, what did you use for the base and did you use rope to pull it with or what? Any tips would be much appreciated.

I got a tire for free from the gas station down the street. Bought and Eye bolt, washer and nut. Ran some rope through and called it good. After my first run I got some towels and wrapped them around the rope and kept them in place with duct tape.
It worked well because I live in the city so it works on pavement and grass.

Usually I just lay stuff on top for extra weight but I have been thinking lately that I could work a 35 or 45lb plate into it. I think I spent a total of $7 on it.

Scrap plywood for the base with some 2x4s across it, look in the plumbing aisle at Home Depot for a pipe to mount to those. Get a handle , and put a rope or strap through it. I use a tow strap. Get a carabiner too.

Wedge plywood in the tire with a pry bar then you can put the small plates in it.45’s fit great across the top of the tire.If you drag in the street the resistance will be greater because of the friction of the rubber.You won’t need as much weight than on grass.