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Tips on Adding Muscle?

Hello y’all… I’m a 14 year old kid… about 5’7 or so 155 lbs…and would like to work some of my extra fat into muscle… i just within the last 2 years lost about 60 lbs… and would like to turn what i can into muscle…keeping in mind i wanna still live my HS career to the fullest…any tips would be great

Very simple solution:

  1. Search this site for Big Boy Basics by Chad Waterbury. (Other program will work also)

  2. Perform the program.

  3. Eat

  4. Sleep

  5. Repeat

  6. Post again in sex months let me know how it goes.

[quote]TrainerinDC wrote:
6. Post again in sex months let me know how it goes. [/quote]

When are sex months? :slight_smile: I do hope it’s in December!

As for the OP, just eat and lift big. Learn to love squats, deadlifts, and milk.

If you want to give a better allusion of you being bigger, workouts your upper back/traps/shoulders. People always over guess my weight and it feels good :smiley: but don’t become one of those chicken legged freaks either.

You can’t turn fat into muscle.

They are two completely different substances. Fat never turns into muscle and muscle never turns into fat.

You can, however, lose fat, or gain muscle. And as a beginner, you can probably do both at the same time. As you become more experienced, you will have to prioritize. You will have to spend some time bulking (adding muscle) and some time cutting (losing fat), but it will be very difficult to do both at the same time.

Read the posts at the top of the beginner section, then read all the articles that are linked to them. This will be a good start for you.

welcome to the age of “You can do things dreadfully wrong and still progress”.

Find a program you like and work it until it doesn’t produce results. Change to another one that interests you. Ride the beginners wave for a while. You’ll be glad you did.