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Tips for Working Night Shifts?


I will be starting over-night shifts soon at my hospital and was wondering what sort of stimulants for good mental focus people here use?....not including caffine (dont function well with caffine)

thanks, cevet




cocaine, speed, meth, and adrenaline shots..... try monavie maybe, my dad swears by that shit, also try eating fast absorbing carbs, lots o fruit first half of shift?


Sorry i should have added compounds or such for good mental clarity.

....and as for cocaine, its far to expensive in aus to be a staple for the shifts :frowning:


I just started working at a hospital myself about six weeks ago and have had a few night shifts, I kinda prefer nights because there are no bosses around.

This is whats helped me over the years: Keep moving, keep working, if you stop and relax your fucked. Get some light cancelling drapes or fabric for your windows, go to a fabric store. Make a frame out of wood that fits your window perfectly and staple the fabric around it, think of a speaker cover. Towel at the bottom of your door when you crash to keep more light out and last, get some ear plugs.

See what I'm getting at? If you get enough sleep you won't have to rely on stimulants so much that will eventually lose their effectivness, my 2c.

Good luck with the new job, you will see things you can't unsee lol. Lots of hot nurses though and they love to flirt :slight_smile:


Get a script for Provigil to treat your shift work sleep disorder.


I'd recommend high doses of Vitamin C (2g at a time, up to 3 times throughout the shift).
And keep moving! If you can, squeeze in outside rounds to get in some cool fresh air, which also helps a lot.

Stay away from stimulants and caffeine, it will not work that way, trust me!


Gawd damn thats a beutifull bike in your avi Dr.P


I'd also say stay away from the stimulants. You simply need to work to change your sleep patterns.

Sleep during the day!!! was going to be my post but I decided I shouldn't be such a dick.

Also - If you can get outdoors for spurts and get cold fresh air in your face, it will help in the beginning to keep you awake.


In that case I recommend an exotic blend of Sudafed, lightly-roasted ground coffee, crystal meth (cheap everywhere), constant bombardment from Internet porn, headphones playing the sound of B-52 bombing runs over Tikrit and a car battery charger hooked up to your eyelids. That should do the trick.


Drive a 69 hot rod, smoke cigarettes and use your dash lighter, run over a six year old blond boy walking across the street, throw your car in a river, report it as totaled, develop insomnia, then become a machinist, have delusions about a worker that is not there, make a trick quit tricking to marry you, cut off your co-workers arm in a machine at work because of your delusion of your co-worker that is actually your alter-ego, get hit by a car, on purpose, flip out on your ex-trick fiance, flip out on your co-workers, demand people recognize your alter ego co-worker, get fired, insult your co-worker that is missing his arm because of you, get punched in the balls, chase your alter ego back to your house, cut your alter ego's throat, throw rug down a ramp into a river, have your alter-ego take you back home, remember you ran over a six year old blond boy a year ago, report yourself to the police, and sleep.


I had to do a trauma rotation as part of my training pipeline when I was in the Navy. The schedule was

Day one: Pre-call
Day two: On Call
Day three: Post call (the day I actually got some sleep)

I kept an albuterol inhaler in my lab coat. Puffed on it a couple times a shift.

I really can't sing the praises of that drug enough. Zero jitters for me, more of a clean wholly awake feeling that kept me going. It served me very well.


the machinest....good movie :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the help so far.

Sleeping in the day ive got covered...already have great light blocking curtains.

I guess trial and error when they arrive will be the best indicator of finding what works best.