Tips for Switching Shirts Between Attempts

I have a meet coming up in four weeks and I’ve put on enough upper body size since my last meet that I can’t touch in my normal competition shirt with something I can reliably press. I’m planning to open up in an older shirt around 470 or so and then go to 501 in the normal competition shirt. I’ve never done this before – any tips? If it matters, I’ll be opening in a Fury and switching to a regular Katana.

Hope that your flight is big enough and moves slow enough to make it work. It’s a risky gamble since you’re talking different shirts with slightly different grooves. You definitely should practice it in training to make sure the plan will work. Whoever puts your shirt on in training has to be who puts it on at the meet. You probably won’t have time for warmups after the shirt change, so you won’t know if it’s not on right until you’re in the platform.

Yeah, I’m thinking I’ll try it in training two or three weeks out. The other option is to go with the tight shirt and hope that dropping weight to make 242s results in it loosening up enough for me to touch my opener (I’m about 5-7 pounds over now).