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Tips For Sweating?


I sweat alot. Even when Im not doing anything physical, I will sweat and get that armpit dampness.

Any tips?


Wear deodorant.


LOL at der candy.

Theres an otc product called "Certian Dri" that works really well, if you follow the instructions. If that doesn't help you may have a condition called hyperhydrosis (you sweat a lot) and you could ask your doctor for a prescription for it.

See if the otc stuff helps though, it did for me. It would suck when id be sitting in class doing nothing and just start dripping randomly so I can understand your frustration.


If you are overweight, you could try lose some weight.


Thanks Defekt I will look into that 4 sure


Don't be fat.


I second this. i had the same sit and sweat syndrome. certain dri seemed to cure me. IF you follow the directions word for word.


You can try these if the Certain Dri doesn't work:


They seem to help a lot of people with excessive sweating, and is stronger than Certain Dri.


I sweat a lot also, but not from not doing anything. Just have a towel handy and make sure to wear deodorant.