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Tips For Sleeping in the Airport

I’m leaving for a business trip tomorrow and because I didn’t plan the trip very well I think there’s a good chance I’m going to spend Tuesday night in the Boise Airport.

My business is 2 hours south of Boise and my return flight is Wednesday morning is 5:30am. My plan was to drive to Boise on Tuesday night and stay in an airport hotel. Unfortunately I accidentally booked the room for Wednesday night. I realized it moments after but I was really late at the office and I wanted to get home so I just cancelled it and left. The next day when I tried to rebook, they were full.

I thought about getting an off-site motel but I don’t want to mess with arranging transportation so early in the morning so I think just crashing at the airport will be my best bet.

I figure I’ll find a spot against a wall, far away from action but in plain site to discourage anyone from trying to rob me while I’m sleeping. I also figure I’ll put my bags against the wall and sleep right up next to them so I’ll feel it if someone tries to grab one. Any other tips to avoid getting ripped off in my sleep or for just making the best of it?

A good sturdy zipper lock for your trousers.

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Midweek at the Boise airport ? You have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting robbed.

It’s very unlikely I will be sleeping in the airport. I got in a few hours ago and before driving south I drove around the vicinity of the airport and there’s hotels all over the place. Within walking distance is a La Quints, a Comfort Inn, a Super 8 and one other. I’m sure I’ll be able to get a room in one of those (and probably for a lot cheaper than the Airport Holiday Inn which was going to cost 180 for one night).

Any safety or comfort tips in general guys?

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if its a Super 8 in the middle of nowhere check for bedbugs. It’s actually a good practice to do anytime you go to a hotel. I was in Iowa about a week ago and thankfully saw the bugs right as I was laying down, my SO had a few bites but we didn’t bring them home. Bedbugs can ruin the trip and be very complicated coming home if you don’t quarantine correctly.

Currently at home. Kicked ass so much on this business trip that I was able to leave early.

(Yes, I got fired)

Just kidding…

Just spent the night in the airport in Pheonix after I missed my connecting flight like a fucktard. It would have helped a lot if I had something to cover my face with.

Why is that, too block out light?