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Tips for Size and Power?


Im looking for tips and advice . Im a wrestler and im trying to get stronger and to put on some size without really gaining a ton of weight . wondering what would be good supplements to use and maybe even tips on certain workouts to use .

My main body part focuse is my back and just basicully generating more raw explosive power in most of my other lifts .


Olympic lifts and heavy rows such as t-bar, dumbbell, and barbell. I don't like barbell as much due to a lot of people start to cheat when you start adding weight to the bar. I still like barebell but I myself am guilty for doing this.

The t-bar row I am talking about it where you place one end of a barbell in the corner and weight on the other. Than with a v-handle (you usually find on cable row machines) and place that under the bar for use.

However, I am not to familiar with Oly lifts to offer much advice as they are known to bring overall power to a athlete.

Has your coach provided any insight? (I assume you have a coach)


Aren't you in-season right now?

Now probably isn't the best time to be focusing on strength/size. That's what the off-season is for. But like Fuzzy said, Oly lifts are probably your best bet.

Anyways, whatever you do, make sure you are recovering properly. Wrestling practices + cutting weight can be brutal.


Dead lifts.

Nothing says, "your my bitch", like picking an opponent up off the mat then legally slamming him back down on it.

2nd page has power training on it:


I agree with this and how could I miss adding in my favourite exercise. I used to kickbox and wrestle for fun and deadlifts really helped with picking up my friends.


Yes, and T.S you stated you want explosiveness: this is found in its most intense form in olympic lifting.

You don't necessarily need to learn the clean or snatch, just squat as an olympic lifter does (bounce out of the bottom utilizing the stretch reflex - front squat, obviously). The full oly lifts are very technical and require many real hours of practice before the movement offers any benefit - and furthermore those who say it's, for example, better to do cleans with bad form than not at all are WRONG.

However learning to safely squat olympic style does take some getting used to, especially if you're used to pausing at the bottom, as a powerlifter would for example. Obviously start very light and get used to exploding up without pausing. Once you get used to it, it's a GREAT tool for building explosive lower (and overall) body strength. Easier than cleaning and snatching, but still should be approached with caution.


I think you need to advance you exposure by watching the videos of training and how to acting ...
it will really help you...


To fuzzy apple . my coach has handed us out off season lifts which are mainly just moderate weight and really high reps . id did it for 6 weeks this past off season , it helped keep the weight down as well as with cardio but besides that i didnt see many other gains


yes im in season right now . nationals is in march , im just really trying to get a good grasp on what i need to be doing in the off season so i can be prepared and ready to go to work . as far as cutting weight hasnt been to much of an issue this yr the main issue has been strenght and size diff .


If you would put a number to "moderate weight" and "really high reps", what would those numbers look like?

Just from my experience with little wrestling I found there is two different strengths. What I mean by that is there is wrestling strong and gym strong. Many people I've done BJJ with feel a hell of a lot stronger than me at wrestling but they would have a hard time (I would imagine) keeping up with me in the gym with bench, deads, and squats etc.

Have you ever thought about just taking up more wrestling in the off season? Like wrestle with someone in a higher weight class for fun. (I know there is a off season for a reason etc) Why not pick up different styles along the way?

I also believe the use of body weight exercises will help build those stabilizer muscles and increase strength to be used more effectively in wrestling. Why I suggested wrestling in off season as well. Not saying that my previous advice does not have a place asit does in aiding in strength and size gains.

Probably gave you more information than you were asking for. But something to think about.


You want to put on size without gaining weight? Then your only option is to lose some muscle and put on body fat. This goal is not specific and it is a fantasy.


actully the info is good stuff . ex of one workout is bench 3x15-20 reps moderate weight and i tend to wrestle alot in the offseason i wanted to spend less time on the mat this summer and more in the gym and kinda just hanging back .


i wouldnt say its a complete fantasy ive seen it happen . would losing weight and fat while adding muscle be the same concept


Sounds like my wrestling coach. Crazy old man wanted each member of the team to wrestle the same weight class every year. I played other sports including football so I made it a point to get as big as possible and went up 2 or 3 weight classes per season.

My point is, I wouldn't do sets of 15-20 unless you are dead set on wrestling the same weight class each year. I would get a real program with lower rep ranges and add some muscle in the off season. If you don't want to get huge control your calorie intake but lifting for endurance sounds boring as hell.


5/3/1 conditioning template (half way down)



Yes, a fantasy because it is physically impossible. Muscle is denser than fat, so if you lose 5 lbs of fat and gain 5 lbs of muscle staying at the exact same weight you will be physically smaller. Follow?

Likewise, the ONLY way to stay the same weight and get bigger is to gain fat and lose muscle.

What you have witnessed is probably the illusion of size, as cutting body fat typically makes you appear bigger.