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Tips for Recovery

Just wondering what factors you think are involved in recovery after intense workouts, both short-term and long-term.

Sure, there are the basics:
Surge post-workout

But are there other factors or methods or “tricks” or tips you find help with recovery. I define “recovery” as becoming free from soreness/stiffness, and being ready to train that body part again.

What do you find works for you? Vitamin C? Creatine? Greens+? Massage? Contrast showers?

I’m not necessarily looking for a laundry list. I’m interested in what you actually use because it helps, and when you skip it, you’re sorry. Experience over Experiments, please.

Cryotherapy immediately post workout. Haven’t been doing it so much with full body workouts(dat’s alotta ice cups!) but if you’re doing body part splits where you’re hammering one or two areas at a time it is invaluable.

if you haven’t already, read Thib’s article (7 secrets to recovery or something), it pretty much covers all the bases

Mr. Bear,

Thanks for the referral! I remember glancing at the article at the time, and not internalizing the info; I didn’t seem to be having recovery issues then. Things have become much more intense lately, and I’m looking at the strategies. That IS a great article, not to mention the discussion that follows.

But is it the whole story? Are there other things people here do for recovery?