Tips for Recovery

I’m relatively new to not just the weightlifting scene but the regular workout scene in general. I’ve always played sports but I picked up rugby in college and that has sparked my interest in fitness.

This summer I’ve been hypercommited to slimming down from 6’0" 205lbs when I got back from school to now resting at 184 with noticeable muscle gain. I’ve achieved this through rigorous diet and using Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength program. On my off days I train with a mens rugby club that trains during the week and plays sevens on weekends.

Tomorrow I have a huge sevens tournament and our open field training yesterday combined with a huge leg workout wednesday has almost completely locked out my legs. Im fine walking around but I’m incredibly stiff. Tomorrow’s temperatures in South Jersey will be around 100F and I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to keep my legs from cramping. Constant hydration and electrolytes are some tips Ive already received but I want to see what other people think.

New to T-Nation and absolutely love this online community.