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Tips for Pull Throughs

When I perform a pull through it aggravates my bicep.

Does anyone have any tips to perform the exercise without the strain?

Worst case scenario I’ll just drop the exercise, but I’m hoping someone has already encountered this problem and found a workaround.

focus on keeping the angle of your arm the same.

Try keeping your arms locked out. You shouldnt be feeling a strain because your arms shouldnt be bent and therefore little strain on your bicep. I guess you could flex your triceps throughout the movement to make sure your arms are locked.

Cressey talks about this in his second deadlift series. Read it if you need more ‘help’ on locking your arms.

Hopefully this solves it.

What grip / handle / set-up are you using?

[quote]Old Dax wrote:
What grip / handle / set-up are you using?[/quote]

Neutral grip with the “double rope” attachment.

PS: And I’ll try locking my arms out.

you shouldnt feel anything in your biceps, keep your arms tight similar to a deadlift

Pretend there are ropes attached to your elbows pulling them back