Tips for Preping for a Max Lift?

Hey, I was hoping I could get some good advice regarding what to do a week in advance before a max lift.

I have a bet with a friend, who can put up the most weight (bench) before the end of this term . Right now I’m at 295, and so was he until today, as he managed to get 315.

Anyway, I was wondering what kind of training or recovery scheme I should use for the last week. I’m currently doing the 8 weeks to a record bench by CT.

Also, any tips for the day of the lift itself? caffeine or supps help for 1 rep? food to eat the night before/morning off?


rest with some extremely light benching and cardio to keep the blood flowing. carb up and hydrate for the lift

caffeine will definately help, and some music might pump you up. Anything that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Also, you may want to try some heavy supports or negatives 1-2 weeks before your maxing. So maybe put on 325-350, and either just hold it just below lockout for a few seconds, or do a set or two of 3-5 negatives.

This may help you shoot up a bit, but remember these are incredibly demanding, so make sure you dont do too much, and have enough recovery before max day.

roger, thanks for the help!

visualize you benching whatever you have to do to beat your friend.