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Tips for Pec-Delt Tie In?


Any one have any good pointers to really build up the pec-delt tie in area. My chest is pretty well developed but I lack mass in this particular area. Its frustrating that I can't seem to build this area whatsoever.


Oxymoron. If your chest lacks mass, it isn't that well developed. How much do you weigh, how long have you been lifting? How tall are you?


I'm 6 foot and my weight ranges between 235-240 pounds. Been lifting off and on since high school (a little over 20 years) but within the past 5-7 years, have been lifting very regularly with little time off.

I may have misspoken. Its not that my chest lacks mass, its that the pec-shoulder tie is not as well developed as the rest of my chest and/or shoulders. With a shirt on, my chest and traps are noticeable and you can tell I know may way around the gym. However, with my shirt off and flexing (as in a most muscular pose) there is small indentation where the pec meets the delts. I'm not looking to compete in any contests but I've seen the same deficiency in some bodybuilders. I'm just interested in bring that part of my chest up to equal the rest of my body.



Pictures of what you mean? It could just be the way the muscle is shaped.


i have the same problem. after 2-3 years of being "that guy" who was doing chest/arms every other work out my "clavicle-pec" is underdeveloped compared to the lower pec and front delt.
i have the indentation too but a couple things that have helped me feel it working more and actually got it sore were:

low/normal incline presses where you arch the weight back towards the head kinda
explanation from stu is better

"I mean arcing slightly towards your head during the concentric portion of the ROM (with a bar, or with dumbells). Many people bring the weight (bar) down to their upper chest, and then press straight upward. However, if you bring the bar lower on your pecs at the bottom, you will find that you get a much fuller stretch throughout your pec region, especially in the upper portion (Yates mentioned this somewhere). Now, when you press upward, in an arcing path in order to get the bar above your head, you will feel a better contraction from the muscles just below your collar bone."

low-to-high cable flyes from that "how to build a bodybuilder chest" article

pausing at the bottom of OHP's then exploding up


oh also my "right indent" is worse than my left one. it kinda looks like the right clavicle is shorter than the left one but im hoping it is due to my right pec being stronger than the left one = lower pec does more work than clavicle region = clavicle region grows less

im guessing you dont have the same...


Some pics to show what are you talking, of an example?


Kai Greene does a barbell front raise with a supinated grip which hits that area about as directly as you can get.


I found this:

Have no idea who that guy is or if he is correct or not.

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This guy has such a strong mind-muscle connection, that he can move his posterior deltoids to the front, and anterior deltoids to the back. How could he be wrong?


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I like to do reverse grip military presses, and believe that the focus on the anterior delts (and even a nice upper chest contraction just under your clavicle) has helped really carve the separation between the chest and delts much deeper.



Sounds interesting