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Tips for Pancration Competition? (No Head Strikes)


Hey guys i have a competition in pancration coming on sunday(mma is prohibited till u are 18 in ukraine)rule set is pretty the same as mma but you cant punch to the head.the problem is that i have good standup and in particular boxing,i mostly go for the head and often knock people down or out.

and here is my question:how to effectively work with legs and body punches against wrestlers?videos of my technique i will be able to post on saturday if needed because at the moment im dehydrated till the weigh in on friday.


Welcome to the forum mademan…

Your pancration rules sound like MMA league here in Ireland.
They are tricky for someone specialising in boxing.

My guess would be to use a Teep kick instead of a jab to the head and try and work a combination to the body off this.
Kicking the legs can be cruelly painful, so if you employ this, it should definitely stop your opponent shooting for the takedown or at least greatly reduce his speed.

I wouldn’t completely shy away from the ground game;
maybe if you take him down first your hands will be more useful working from the top position?

I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you here and getting involved in conversations, long into the future.


Definitely feign punches to the head. Most people will react to this, even when knowing that striking the head is forbidden, and it will open more avenues for pounding the body or going for a takedown.


thank you for replies,guys.And by the wat im southpaw


Can you open hand strike to the head? I know that is legal in most Pankration events, but am not familiar with your specific organization. If so then I would just throw your strikes like your boxing punches but use your palms.

I also completely agree that faking to the head (you can either throw a half strike or a full strike that purposely misses) is a great way to set up kicks to the body/legs, or entries to takedowns. Unless you are very good at takedown defense or have very fast and hard kicks though I would not advise kicking the legs (with round kicks at least) of a wrestler, at least not without setting them up well; that is a good way to get your leg caught and get taken down.

My suggestion for working to the body and legs against wrestlers is to:

  1. throw fast whippy accurate kicks designed to get in and out quickly (thrusting kicks like Teeps, Side Kicks, Oblique kicks are the hardest type to catch) rather than “power” kicks designed to cut through the target (at least until you have your opponent “on the ropes”)

  2. work your lead leg outside round kick as your primary lead off technique. If you can do it “weapon first style” and drag step your rear leg ala Bill Wallace/Benny Urquidez that is the fastest most non telegraphic method and you will land it a lot (if you are relatively fast). If you can’t then the next best method is to throw a jab/palm jab to the head as you “step and slide” or “no step” your rear foot under you and fire the kick off that. Throwing the lead leg round kick in this fashion makes catching the kick much more difficult. Once you have them guessing, or reaching down to try to catch/block your kick, then bring it up to the head (if you are able to)

  3. a lead leg side kick is a great weapon for a southpaw against an orthodox fighter, especially when you want to keep them at a distance since the kick has a “poling/wedging” effect. You can throw it in the same way as the lead leg round kick if you know how

  4. the rear leg inside kick sweep is also another great option (if you have well conditioned shins) that is hard/nearly impossible to catch. You want to put someone’s weight (at least slightly) on their leg though prior to throwing this lest you seriously hurt your shin. You can also throw the inside leg kick class to the thigh, which is relatively safe from being caught. Both kicks will set up strikes to the body/head once your opponent starts trying to defend your low kicks.

  5. throw punches to your opponent’s upper chest in order to temporarily blind them of what your legs are doing as well as possibly putting them on their heels slightly and immediately throw the same side kick (I’d throw your jab/lead leg side kick to the solar plexus or straight left/rear leg round kick to the liver). This makes for a very difficult kick to defend/catch).

  6. work your single leg takedown defense a lot

Hope this helps.


ok guys tnx for replies,i won the first fight via rear naked choke and lost second due to bad judges(that is version of my trainer is friends as for me loser is a loser.he was violation the rules but not getting any fouls from the judge,he hit me to the back with knees few times on the ground whis is illegal,but referee didnt said anything. i will upload videos soon,so i can work on my mistakes


Well done mademan; I hope this is the start of a wonderful career