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Tips for My Weight


I currently weight 200 lbs. I stand at 6'2''.What weight do you think would be good enough for me? Because in the least two week i have gain about 7-8 pounds and my squat have gone through the roof,about 25 pounds more.That made me wonder If i kept eating, to get my fat levels to about 15%(currently at 9), where would you guys think I could get?


Who cares where you theoretically could get? Just do it.


I will have to agree with that...


you are too light, gain some weight


i will consider gaining some weight, but since i am also a soccer goalkeeper, i cant get too high...:frowning:


Being a goalkeeper is irrelevant. You can be big, strong, and quick/agile. Size/strength doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of agility/speed.


You are worrying about it too much. Of course it raise strength if you put on more muscle mass(generally). But its not necessary. It just comes down to what matters more.


ok guys, thanks a lot, i will keep adding pounds on my weight until i see that it interfeers with my soccer training :slight_smile:


How long have you been lifting?


Dude, I'm 6.2 foot, I've got up to 230LB's, and was at my strongest, so far at that weight.

Look at all the top lifters who are your height, they are all over 270 I believe.

Eat much more, train hard, eat more, wave goodbye to those abs if you want that strength...


A bigger motor doesn't slow the car down...


huffer, i have been lifting weights generraly for about 4 years, the last years powerlifting.


I am around 6ft 2in, and weigh 267lbs.

You can put some size on just fine.


And he is kinda skinny, don't ya think?

If you are 6ft 2in or above, minimum you should be in the 275 weight class for PL, if not 308 or super. That is kind of the cut off, if you are 6ft 3in, you better be a true 308, eventually. But gain the weight slow and proper, the whole eatin' non stop junk doesn't pay off long run.

I am 5ft 11in-ish, headed back to 275 from 308. And actually feeling semi-athletic.


Skinny?....should I be insulted or touched?

Screw it, I am flattered!


6'2 and you're anything below 308, you're a light weight.


I'm 6'5", at 100kg (225lb) my squat was 140kg (315lb) I put on 10kg (22~ lb) and my squat moved up to 200kg (445lb) and I became a hell of a lot more explosive AND more agile

need I say any more?


no, i will definetely get my weight up...lets eat! :smiley: