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Tips for My Snatch and Clean & Jerk?


Hi, I'm EJ, just new here. I've just started olympic weightlifting, but I have a background on strength training(barbells and kettlebells). And i've been really enthustiastic about weightlifting. I have been researching and reading books about strength training, olympic weightlifting and even crossfit. Too bad there's no gym near me that offers olympic barbells and bumper plates.

I learned and practiced the movements based on various video tutorials and books. I know my snatch is bad because of my shoulders and hips but I would love some comments about my snatch and c&j to help me improve. Thanks!

Snatch 40lbs only

C&J 70lbs (dont mind the music lol)


When you initially drop the hips just drop them an inch or two. As you bring the bar down it should go in a straight line. This means you need to get your knees back. Also note you are doing a hang snatch. Your shins should be perpendicular to the ground when you are at the knees. And don’t drop your head. There is nothing to see on the ground. :slight_smile: Fix that, post another video and we can move on.

Don’t watch yourself in the mirror. Film it and watch the video. Same issue with the knees. You need to get those knees back as you bring the bar down. That’s how you will be loading your hamstrings and getting the spring you need. I know it’s light but still not a bad push jerk. I would like to be able to see your feet.

It’s going to insanely tough to make progress at a gym like that and with no coaching. Fix the hang position by keeping the knees back for both movements and then there are other things to address.


Like above said, you’ve got to get those knees back.

Try some Romanian deadlifts, to practice getting your hips back and loading up your hamstrings. You looked really uncomfortable when lowering the bar, especially when it was around your knees.

Keep your chin pressed forward when you snatch. This keeps your head up and back straight.

Don’t watch yourself in the mirror.

Check out these power holds. You can train different parts of the lift, without having to do the whole complex move.



Extension power hold

you’ve got the basic idea of the lifts right. You just need to get more experience and practice.


Thanks for the tips guys. Worked on those stuff, i’ve been doing a lot of stretching and drills to improve my mobility for the movements, as well as practicing the movements even without a bar here at home.
Did some snatches today 2x4 for 40 lbs still, just getting used to the snatch. First 2 sets didn’t feel really good but the last 2 felt pretty good for me. Thoughts?

Sorry for still looking in the mirror, was just checking if my shins were vertical.


Keep practicing! It looks like you are starting to learn how to get the knees back and create tension in the hamstrings.

Try to keep the bar closer to your chest as you pull with your traps. It looks like your hips are pushing the bar away, instead of driving underneath. Pull the bar straight up.


Found a crossfit box near me, still getting used to the feel of the bar. I would love some tips on my form :slight_smile: